MsMarvell's ZBrush Anatomy Thread


Hello there,

Really determined to master Zbrush and Human Anatomy in order to become a better Artist. I will be uploading sculpts every other day. I hope by upload my sculpts I will be able to improve! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here we go!


Took a go of sculpting an arm yesterday, getting to grips with using Zspheres and Dynamesh. Had a multitude of crashes! :cry: I’m also getting used to building forms first before add details. Also using the clay brushes and changing their settings.

I noticed that my proportions on the triceps and condyles of the humerus quite off among other things, I will look at getting proportions down first before building forms in my next sculpt!!


Haven’t posted in a couple days haven’t been feeling well but I’m back on it! used a base model to sculpt on. I am going to create the next base in ZBrush to get an understanding of the proportions of the torso! :bounce:


You need to learn how to define forms in zbrush. For it, learn brushes such as dam_standard, displace, formsoft, hpolish, trimdynamic, trimadaptive.


Hello Mister3d,

Thank you for the advice! For this sculpt I built up the forms with the ClayTubes and then started playing with the TrimDynamic to make planes. I used Inflate and Displace to enlarge the deltoids and erector spinae. I will experiment with the other brushes you suggested!

I used Dam Standard to create separations, Looking at the sculpt I think that I need to concentrate on connection between rectus abdominals and external obliques the gap between them is too large to me. that goes for the gap between the erector spinae too large!


Another thing you could try technique-wise is to depend on the move brush a bit more. My current method is to just move things into place to define the form and the gesture before cutting into the sculpt and building up the smaller details with various brushes. Keep checking your sculpt at different angles and correct and adjust the silhouette with the move brush. With this method, it would be best to get things looking right in lower subdivision levels/dynamesh resolution before upping the poly count.


Hey julSan,

I built an arm using zspheres ,in adaptive skin preview I have been moving forms around have been using the move brush. the arm sculpt is in it’s early stage. I found using the move brush in the beginning makes developing muscle forms easier.

I made up a zsphere model for posing, I made the model for the purpose of 1-2 hr daily gesture sculpts. I got caught up for most of the afternoon trying to make a model. when switching to preview the adaptive skin the model deformation was a bit screwy.

But I managed to create a better zsphere model that deforms properly preview mode!



Haven’t posted in a few days due to work, have not touched my tablet in days. Tried to sculpt on a zsphere shoulder tried sculpt all day and really didn’t come out well. I will make it a habit to sculpt everyday no matter how tired I am, because I feel I have regressed in these few days. :banghead:



redid the shoulder and arm sculpt because my sculpt from sunday was not so good. Looking at this sculpt I need to work on the muscles on the shoulder blades, flexors and extensors of the arms as I feel the positions and forms are not accurate, I am in a creative funk at the moment, but going to keep bashing out these sculpts until I progress!!


Hey all,

Zbrush has been crashing on me heavy, I’ve been trying to create a Zsphere female base mesh. Zbrush crashed and did not save the Zsphere mesh!! luckily I made an adaptive skin version. I’ve tried to create it to 8 head proportions. this week I will tackle a body section a day tomorrow I will focus on the torso and upper arms. i’m sticking to 2 hour sculpt bursts hopefully i’m make some progress!!



did a female bust from the zsphere base model, playing with the formsoft, claytubes, standard, pinch and move brush. I did get stuck when using mirror and weld. I deleted the lower subdivisions and tried to reconstruct the lower subdivison levels with no success. I was unable to got back down a level to make big changes, but another lesson learned!



I have started a block in of a leg ecorche sculpt, have been working on the thigh and gluts area today. I need a bit more attention on the hamstring and tendons as they do not look defined enough, want to statrt and finish lower leg area tomorrow and polish the sculpt.



finished the the Ecorche of the leg I need to do more studies of the hamstrings and calve muscles as I paid the least amount of attention to them in them in this sculpt!!!


Hi All!,

I have been putting off sculpting parts of the body I find difficult to understand. , so I decided to tackle each body features I find hard body part by body part. So I am getting to grips with the mouth I have been sculpting lips with different sculpting techniques and got various results. My goal is to get a better knowledge and experience of sculpting lips and mouth that my goal will is to sculpt a set of teeth by the end of the year

I used masking and the move, inflate and trim dynamic brushes for this mouth

I used clay, clay-buildup, trim dynamic and the dam standard brushes for these ones.

Experimented with texture on these lips I looked at them in profile, they look flattened I will do more to improve the dimension of my lip.