MrMaterials Supporting finalRender


Just a heads up, we have revamped the site and are also now including support for finalRender. To celebrate finalRender materials being provided for the first time at MrMaterials , Cebas Visual Technology is now offering 15% off the price of their trueHybrid rendering system. finalRender is a new breed of light simulation software offering unique algorithms and approaches to light simulation not found in any other renderers for 3ds Max. trueHybrid TM allows for the creation of photo real images on a CPU, a GPU or both at the same time.

You can read about finalRender here:

You can read about MrMaterials and finalRender here:

And cebas Visual Technology will be offering a limited time 15% rebate for Mentalray and other users to step up and make a purchase of finalRender trueHybrid TM, the spectral-wavelength-adaptive-sampling renderer of the future! Offer ends September 30th, 2018.

To take advantage of this great price go to and enter voucher code UiUhathZX9h5uGR to get 15% off finalRender!

In the near future we will be uploading a bunch of materials for both mental ray and finalRender, created with Arroway commercial textures that the vendor has generously provided. We realize that mental ray is no longer offered but we still get a lot of people who use it and use our resources so we saw no reason to take down the mental ray content, in fact I still use mental ray a lot. The fact that finalRender can render mental ray and scanline materials and works both in CPU and GPU or both modes makes it an interesting and we think useful match up with mental ray.