Moving objects precisely?


I was watching this video to learn to move objects

In order to lift a cuboid from its vertex, I have to first create a null, then place it at its vertex, then lift it from its base point, in order to move it next to another cuboid’s vertex.

A person named ‘Davante Johnson’ in the comments advised that method instead of changing the axis.

In Rhino, I can just simply pick objects from their vertex and place them on any other vertex, like this.

How to do this in Cinema 4D?

Below is a recording of me struggling to place a cuboid precisely in Cinema4D


Have you tried to use the snapping tools with a polygonal object rather than the parametric cube in your video? That should make snapping to points much easier.


Okay. I just converted my parametric cube to a regular object by pressing ‘C’. When I click on the vertex, my cursor snaps to its centre.

Here’s what happens.


If you switch the Display mode to something like
Hidden Line … Lines … it’ll make seeing and snapping easier.


Hi, if you want the same behaviour as Rhino, you would need to be in one of the Points/Edge/Polygon modes, and with all elements selected you can drag from point to point, poly to poly etc. The issue with that is, you are moving the points away from the original axis position. If that doesn’t matter, or you can reset it easily enough, then I would go with that.



Thanks @brasco. That worked. I’m able to move objects precisely. Is there any way to snap to the mid-point of the edges like I was doing in Rhino video?


you can make addition point on edge then snap object on it.
select edge ->(context menu)->edge cut->apply (in the opened params block)


Okay. Right. That can be done. I was hoping that there could be an automatic snapping system that snaps to mid-points of edges automatically, without creating any new point, just like seen in the Rhino video.