Movie vfx studio compares


Guardians of the Galaxy

Rocket and Groot


Software: Maya, fcHairFilters, Arnold

Software: Maya, Furtility, RenderMan


The Vulcan lander was by VisionArt. Matte work for that scene was done by Matte World.


Thank you, I totally forgot VisionArt existed. They did some stuff towards the beginning of the 1998 GODZILLA too, a damaged ship and footprints I think, and there was a ton of mocap work done and discarded for the same project.


In The Smurfs, Sony Pictures ImageWorks and Tippett Studio shared shots that involved smurfs(Sony) and Azrael(Tippett).

Sony Pictures Imageworks
Software: Maya, Kami, Arnold

Tippett Studio
Software: Maya, Furator, RenderMan


I was expecting something with more inside to the different VFX houses not just superficial trash talk.


I was expecting this thread to be forgotten.


the point is studios focus on financial topics. comparing vfx fees.
getting lucky ilm artists working on such sequel will maybe get hired by concurrent studio framestore for designing same remake.