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Very nice! Makes me miss traditional animation, now that I have gone to the “dark side”… CG. Keep it up man… if you could pump that quality work out in the time you say you did, you could be the next Chuck Jones in my book. :wink:

You brought back fond memories with that light table in the one movie. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Utterly awesome, I love the camera work. Makes me want to animate.

I bow down to your mad skillz.



Great work! I liked them all.:thumbsup:

I’m bit confused about the speed youre working. Havent done anything as impressive or fast, but id like to ask you this.

Did you do 3,5 week per movie clip?
That means 4 months work or you actually put up movie clip less than a week?
I wouldnt mind finding any tutorials from you over the internet. I hope you get some sort of deal with such a talent.

Ive been thinking of ways to do cool animations for myself, but i want to go paperless.
Post more!:slight_smile:


Ditto to all the before mentioned comps. 3 weeks time is outstanding and your skills are equally impressive! Surprised to learn that you used Flash; I was thinking Lightwave at first. Your first trailer reminded me of Terrence Walker’s stuff from StudioArtFX.
Simply Brilliant! Would definitely buy a dvd of your stuff if it was available. I don’t think you’ll have a prob getting funding.
Would love to see more. Cheers mate! -j


there may be some broken language on the site. when tried to get the movies up there was type but no movie. the home page comes up but nothing else


Beautiful work.

It´s easy to fake anime - but it´s very hard to master it, like you did. :thumbsup:


All the links to the trailers are down on my end you might want to check them


Normally i would try to say something useful…but hand drawn animation which i have nothing but respect for. wow great job, that is something i would never wanna attempt, figuring out the timing for everything just seems like a nightmare, really impressive stuff.


Your work is stupendous. I am fascinated and craving for more from you. Keep up the good work.


great animation Jubeii
you have a wonderfull sense of timing and weight!
and your characters are really cool to boot!

keep up the great work!


Jawdropping. Absolutely jawdropping.

La seule chose que je trouve bizarre, c’est que vous n’avez pas compris votre meilleur travail dans ton reel. Je trouve les autres animation plus impressionant. En tout cas, c’est vraiment dommage que vous ne recevez pas l’argent pour créer un épisode complet. Bonne chance dans la future, et j’espère de voir encore plus de ton travail!

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Wow. Spectacular cinematic camera work in some of those shorts. The motion and weight of the characters in “Le Cycle” was impressive as well. I can’t wait to see more of your work.


Yeah some tutorials would be very very nice :slight_smile:
I always wanted to animate but I’ve never seen on internet any tutorials :frowning:
Maybe you will be the first one which helps “green” animators ?:smiley:


OH MY GOD! :eek:

I cant believe that it took ONE man only 3 weeks or so to make that!
It’s like Disney quality with Manga style, but without that craapy Anime! :thumbsup: WOW!

I would gladly pay good money to see a feature film of this sort from you!


I am really glad to see that you like my work. :beer: :blush:

For the tutorial ok… but later I am currently into full work.

I forgot to say to you than for the cartoon of Annecy I used combustion for the movements of camera.
In the next weeks I will remake my site to put more elements and to try to put a highher resolution and the download.

I fight so that one day this kind of animation with a scenario for adult left one day and your support contributes to it then thank you still and if you have other questions do not hesitate I put a little time to answer because I work but I answer. :thumbsup:

If I do not find any investor I think that I will manufacture it all alone :shrug: :shrug: .

I started to look at your sites and I must say that I find that the level is very good

For Logotomie: -yes Jubei it come Ninja Scroll i also like this movie
For Michas: -The frames are between 8 and 12 pictures/seconds
For jR Gauthier: -merci pour les etoiles et ton site est très impressionnant je te retourne les compliments :bowdown:

Ps:Hey Peter ça fait plaisir de te revoir j’espere que tout va bien pour toi, écris moi un ptit mail qu’on reste en contact si tu veux bien sur!!!


hmmm, good stuff man!


yeah ! it’s good ! :bounce: :thumbsup: i want some more !


You have some great work here. Its particularly great since you did it entirely on your own, and in three weeks?! Very commendable.

I have to concur that I would like to see tutorials by you. Since it looks like you start with pencil and ink, but then digitally color, I’d like to see what your method is for doing that. I would also like to see a list of software that you use.

You have a style that is similar to what I’m working towards for one of my own cartoon shorts. Its not exact, but close to what I’ve been doing.

Again, great stuff.



WOW… This is really great animation. I love the way you use the camera as well! Even in the behind the scenes video. Very inspiring! Is that your apartment? Or room? Been thinking about turning my room into something like that. I only draw for the time being though but am going to school soon for computer animation!


perfect stlyle!!