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living in Japan, Im pretty fed up with the anime style - but I still think you managed to breathe life into it. dug the perspective, lively animations and use of colors. and the other, maybe more western style of characters, I just loved.
great great.
only problem is, now I think I myself suck. =) keep up the good work!


Very nice. If Batman the Animated Series, XMen Evolution, and Samauri Jack had a baby, this is what it would look like.

Very nice work.


Looks absolutely brilliant! Very moody stuff and I really like your style. Show us some more!



fantastic. your editing is awsome. shots were imagined and executed perfectly. very inspiring. makes me remember why I wanted to be an animator.


when do i learn to move camera like that?! very inspiringStuff. Like the edit as well.

ps- hey nice jiggle on the shake-a-leg-a-babe in your demo


Awesome work! I really miss seeing more 2D stuff so this was a real treat. Also the fact that you did all that by yourself in such a short amount of time is just crazy. As someone else said…very inspiring.


Damn i just can’t stop looking at this stuff… I have another month off work so this is just inspiring enough to get me off my A$$ and really put something together… Please let us know what software you used… Amazing:buttrock:


This is all awesome stuff. Where did you learn how to do it? Beautiful


Man this is tooo good…


Outstanding stuff! Really nice style and animation.
Nice to see some 2d animation for a change!
You should consider doing a series pitch or some music videos.


Ditto to what everyone else has had to say.

Just a quick technical question. I can’t quite tell how many drawings you did per second. Do you shoot on 2’s or at a slower rate like on 8’s? Just curious has to how many actual tweens we are seeing per second.

superb stuff!


Great work! Really nice. I also enjoyed the video of your work space/studio as well. Too often we sit as anonymous/hidden faces - it’s nice to see the person behind the great work!


j’aime vos dessins animés! pouvez-vous nous dire quels softwares vous ont employé? Je suis réellement la classe cartooning actuellement et ce serait une grande aide si vous me donnez même juste que une peu d’information vous remercient :applause:


Great stuff. Obviously well planned sequences to get the most atmosphere out of the least amount of animation. Good use of editing and stills. I can hardly believe you did that in less than a month!

Really fantastic! :thumbsup:



Respect! verry nice ideed friend, i love the mood in them,…


WWWoowwwww. :eek:

Thank you very much all, I appreciate your encouragements.

To answer to yours questions:

1-I use flash with traditional animation then after effect and premiere;
with flash I make animation (hair of barbarian, crowd which passes in
citeria…) I make the colors.

2-My inspiration are indeed vampire hunter :stuck_out_tongue: but also cowboy bebop and
cobra, comix, BD…

I seek investors so that this projects succeeds, I have already serious
contact in France but they are afraid of this kind of animated drawing :cry: :shrug: .

My technique of animation makes it possible to go much more quickly and
allows to reduce the manufacturing costs.

I am not a large “animator” I work simply more effectively.

3-I am 28 years old

I am sorry for my English but I learns :slight_smile:

Do not hesitate to write to me



Hi budy!

One feels strong a influance manga and comics american but what I like it is the environment of the colors like in the comics american which one does not find unfortunately in their animated drawings. Flash are a very good program for the little animetion. more and more of animated series are made with flash. Do you know Kevin Loften? See its site, this guy is a pro of flash , his works are amezing!

I noticed 2 or 3 characters of a studio which closed its doors (I think) of which I do not arrive has to remember me the name, a ninja and a rabbit , worked you with them?
Is Heum… which your course? In any case, it is very owl what you do and wish you good continuation

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:



Really, really cool. Friend of mine showed it to me and my first question was “Is he from france?” Second thought was that camera angles and perspective was very anime style (jubeii as in Ninja Scroll?) Best wishes for your project!


I really enjoyed all that! Great stuff :slight_smile: I was suprised to hear that you did it all in flash, so I was wondering if have you tried Toonz (which seems to be the industry standard, and extremely expensive), if so, how does it compare in workflow? It seemed like you’re using the same strategy, classic animation on paper, scan it, then ink and color and comp digitally, so it’s interesting that you’re able to work so fast!

Anyway, good work!