Movie trailers


I truly enjoyed watching your trailers. I will keep visiting your site for more! keep up the amazing work -don


Nice work man. Your trailer’s are really well executed and completely polished…But overall it seems to be the same stuff we all see on Cartoon Network. Like some of the others have mentioned, I would definately like to see a whole story or an episode worked out with some of your characters. If you hammered that out in three days or however long it took you, I can only imagine what you could come up with in six weeks. If anything, my one main criticism would be that your animation style is diverting attention away from itself by using the same old bag of tricks over and over again. I clicked on the link on your webpage to see how you did it your own way, and not to see how cartoon network did it. Also I would try to avoid using the same shot more than once in a trailer. I saw one shot that in the trailer of a robot running past a crowd that you used 3 times.


me love you long time :love:

Those anims all rocked


yah, i’m with sheep on this one. :buttrock:


dude that’s quite awesome, brilliant work! Ditto what everyone else has said :wink:

Also, I’ve been searching all over for a quality cartoon/animation program but haven’t found anything other than Flash, which isn’t what I need. Does anyone here have any suggestions, or know if such such a program exists?

Edit: or will Flash work? I’m just not sure…


Just watched the “Making of” video. That’s some setup you’ve got there. Good sense of humour too. :smiley:


:scream: Yeah ! ! ! That was great. I love the style. A mix between anime and american comic IMO. Fantastic work. I’d love to see more.


Now i must say, been very long time since i have posted anything at all, but this…this just caught my eye…amazing…brilliance 3 weeks, even more props to you. Style, sound, everything just perfect in my eye…

-there is one hand movement in the first vid… …that is all i can say


I love them! Oh, and I don’t think it’s just the same old stuff on cartoon network, since when have they shown blood?

Keep it up, man!!


Man give us some info on this brilliant work… What software?? system specs. etc… If i hit the lottery in the near future i would definately finance your production house… This is really awesome work…


*right click Save as quicktime movie
*right click Save as quicktime movie
*right click Save as quicktime movie
*right click Save as quicktime movie
*right click Save as quicktime movie

Beautiful work… gonna watch them over and over again if you don’t mind

dont worry about your english… i just wish i spoke french :slight_smile:


DAM…MAN …awsome and insprieing, wow…DAM



Damn Bro …looks great!!


Two words: Absolutly Amazing

I’m only 17 years old and just starting messing with animation. Those reels were, once again, absolutly amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!!!


Dude!!! Spectacularrrrrrrrrrr!!! Give us some info what app, system specs? Enlighten us!!


Great googly moogly…awesome work:)!!


Looking at his site I think he says he uses Flash, Photoshop and Premiere


everything is good!!


wow great stuff,love the animation


One person… 3 weeks… :eek:

That’s insane! Great job. Everything was great!