Move an already keyed bones within my character to the other place in my scene is big problem


Hello there, how can i simply reposition already animated character within bones and everything…?
Whenever i do it it comes back to its origin place…


Put it inside a null and move the null.

Or try the animation tool to move it.


I am sorry that i have not been clear… i know about that option to put it under some Null but i would like to reposition the object which is already animated to other place to be reflected… So which animation tool do you mean?

Thank you for your answer


This one.


Or use the ‘Set parent’ command to attach it to a new null with no animation so that you can move it.
‘Set Parent’ uses the frozen transforms to offset so that it stays in the same place in world-space.


It doesn’t work for me, when i switch to that Animation mode i can move with just one animated bone at the time, simply i cannot move with all body (all bones at the time) because they are stuck on the same place.

Or do i do something wrong?


Do you mean “Constraint Tag”?


Did you move the root bone?


OK, i packed it up for you, check it up please to see what i mean, i do not have my rig of legs to be under one hierarchy so let’s check :slight_smile:rig.c4d (390.5 KB)


not sure if i follow what you’re trying to do. moving the parent null of course works as expected, so you’re able to move the whole animated object around. so what are you talking about exactly? maybe record a video to describe what you’re trying to do. this prevents people from having to take a guess.


i realised that i wanted maybe what isn’t need to be done that way i was trying… Thank you anyway!