MotionDynamics and Super_Blender


My rigged consists from
-MotionDynamics__________ for each ear
-Super_Blender __________ for morphs

      So dynamics in viewport looks. Ears, do not stop![img][/img][img][/img]

View My Video

      So in previwRender- all ok?!
      [View My Video](
      When I switch Super_Blender --off all normally!?? In what a problem?


I’m sorry but I’m having a real hard time understanding what it is your asking. :frowning:


I think he/she is trying to get the motionDyanmics effect (in the first video), to
appear in the Animation Preview of the viewport (second video: You can
see the ears don’t move like in the first video).

I have no clue why this would happen.
The animation preview seems to have bypassed that effect.

Khurrum J


Got it, he is a He! :banghead:

Khurrum J


Sorry for my bad english.I solve my problem switch off Super_Blender and play with adjustment MotionDynamics for final render.Then again turn on Super_Blender when find true value.


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