Motion to get rid of the personal network feature


Oh, ok, cool. Thanks Brian. Didn’t realize you could view the full list there. :smiley:




No prob, at first I was wondering what the heck happened to my network. :smiley:


I can understand some of the concerns, but it is important to see the Network feature as a tool, not a popularity contest. As the Portfolio section goes “online” and gains more users, the network can be a very handy tool for finding artists similar to one you like.

One of the horrors of somewhere like DeviantArt is the huge number of uploads going on – you either have to sift through everything, or let someone else decide what is good and what is not (hoping they might have tastes somewhat like yours).

But a networking, favorites, or whatever component allows you to quickly find other artwork of interest by letting artists whose work you like act as a “filter.”

Having had a death threat in the past, as well as strange “fans” show up on the front stoop, I am not keen on the Google maps – so I just don’t use that feature. And the Network selections can be turned off here, and senders blacklisted… in short, I feel this system is designed so those who want the features can use them to advantage, and those we don’t want can be turned off.

That said, I’d hate to see featues cut just because I or someone else feels uncomfortable with them. Networking is a tool, and it is one that has the potential to make exploring CGSociety a lot easier and worthwhile.


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