Motion to get rid of the personal network feature


Just a thought here, about the personal network bit:

Given the nature of other huge sites dealing with personal networking and people linking eachother back and forth - think myspace, deviant art, orkut… so forth - I think it might be a good idea to think a bit harder about whether it’s really a good idea to have this networking feature included once CGPortfolio goes public.

IMHO, it has potential problems… not technically, but otherwise… hard to describe, but it gives a sort of “hmmm?” vibe. To me at least…



actually the more I think about it I am going to jump in and agree, I too feel it could end up creating a few potential “issues”


Same here. I think it is a nice feature in theory - it’s great linkage to others sites when you’re browsing “Oh, I hadn’t thought to visit them” etc…not to mention good publicity for your own gallery, but there are some potential issues. I’m on the fence…


I would suggest perhaps the networking is not visible, except to the portfolio owner.

However the idea behind visible networking is a good one, as it creates a chain of interest amongst the galleries. The issues involved in such a venture are the same as in any social environment, especially on the web.


or just simply to have the option to turn it on or off, so the owner has a choice, should be easy enough?



i’ve always found this to be a usefull feature, i’ve found some amazing work on Devart via the networking system. What sort of problems can you invisage?


as above id like to know about what problems could arise from such a feature…

i think its a pretty good idea…i dont know if id really call it a “network” as such…but it
is just another tool to create more exposure and also more of a reason for us all to communicate…

just my two cents…


Two issues that come to mind. First is spam by fanboys (they want to be networked with famous people so they get exposure or just to be able to say “I have artist x on my list!”) which ties into the second issue, being denied to network resulting in flames and bad feelings from said fanboys (“Why won’t you accept my invite you snobby elite artist?!” (insert cursing and 1337 speak where proper)).

What say ye?


That’s the EXACT set of issues that will occur, but if it is regulated much like all of cgsociety, it should be managable. I have my concerns like you, obviously. Perhaps networking should only be for CGS members?


Plus, if you combine the network feature with the Google Earth feature, the fanboys can come to your home/studio and ask you in person why you won’t add them to your list.

In my opinion, Google Earth and the Network features are two that could/should be trimmed from this otherwise useful service.

One question: how the heck is this possible? I thought CGTalk has always had server issues. I would think this would be a huge strain on an already user heavy system?


A seperate server perhaps?


so true . it could be a potensial problem as it can be exploited like the star system and bring disconfort to known artists as peter said.


I noticed there is a blacklist feature. :twisted:

It appears they already thought about this possibility.


Personally I think it’s a good idea- maybe let it be seen only by portfolio owners though perhaps?
I think it builds a sense of community spirit- friends can recommend others to each other through the network.

There is also a potential for abuse, but that’s the same for anything else- anyone could just complain about how ‘popular artists’ are getting more replies & views, but that’s due to the level of notoriety that they’ve built up through their talent and community relationships, not because they’re elite…


yeah i suppose thats sound…
where to draw the line of trust on the internet is always a difficult one…
i liked the idea that IF it stayed then iits only for members…

i only wish that i was that famous that people would want to join my network…
and ive sort of felt shy/bad about asking the people that i already have…lol…

so i think for the “famous” people it will be quite a bad thing…

and yeah the google earth thing is a cool idea but i dont think that im going to use it…

as i said before in my other thread i think that there are going to be some really tough policing issuse when this all goes public…

its a shame that people are such strange creatures but thats just life…


Hmm…it all comes down as how you personally handle it.
I for myself I only send requests to people I know well and have spoken with on quite a few occassions be it by e-mail, Phone or messenger.
I handle it the same on Deviantart for example. No one shows up on my friendslist if I haven’t talked to them on many occassions and have known them for quite a while.

I think we need to make a big difference between favourites and network.
For example: I am a big fan of Steven, yet I only have talked to him on a few occassions. That means he goes into my favourites because I don't really know him well enough and I am seriously too shy to send him a network invitation for that reason. The same goes for other artists being in my favourites but not being in my network (even though I would love to have to show them off there ;)) But that is only me I guess ;)

Of course I get requests from people I don't know or don't know that well and I actually don't mind and am totally flattered, but it does of course water my personal idea behind the network a bit.

Like I said, it all comes down as to what exactly the network features is for you and freankly I guess everyone has their own view of what the network is to them.


I believe that is actually an option.

I mean I dunno some aspects of it interest me, ( and I have to admit I also have sent out a few invites to a few people where the contact has not yet been as strong as yet as with many others here :blush: )

personally I just have my doubts that it it’s likely to work in the way it was percieved


same here but i thought it would be a nice way to keep it touch and get to know the person better if they actually wanted it


Originally posted by Aggie: same here but i thought it would be a nice way to keep it touch and get to know the person better if they actually wanted it

Yeah, I like that aspect, I’ve definitely sent requests to people I don’t really ‘know’ but that’s kind of the cool part about it…though, after a while the whole site is your personal network, I suppose…:shrug:



I would suggest perhaps the networking is not visible, except to the portfolio owner.

well that is already the case…you can chose which network portfolios to show and which not…you can just make all of the invisible


same here but i thought it would be a nice way to keep it touch and get to know the person better if they actually wanted it

I agree as well :slight_smile:
But then again…I am not sure where you should make the difference between favourites and networking.