Mother-of-Zar_#drawcember sketchbook thread


I really like Christmas star. It is very soft.:slight_smile:


@stefano: thank you very much :slight_smile:

my 3rd catch up. had lot of fun creating it

“Entry” Christkind


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand day 20

“Entry” crystal lipstick :smiley:

hope you like it


this is my last catch up :slight_smile: so two more left and I reached the goal :smiley: Just keep on doing people! we almost made it!

“Entry” freezing landscape


Hey man good develop in your work!


Hey, really like that crystal lipstick… Reminds me of a bullet, actually…

MILLION DOLLAR IDEA : CRYSTAL LIPSTICK BULLET LAUNCHER ! (I don’t know what I’m saying, it’s just the end of the challenge, and I’m exhausted)


@ grafik: thank you :slight_smile:

@ Lammakian: lol XD thank you and no worries. think we are all dizzy at the moment. this lipstick looks like Bayonetta would definitively use it. especially when it is a bullet.

My “Entry” for today and 21 is: teatime season


my last “Entry” for this challenge :slight_smile: - waterfall in winter

kept the focus on the right side of the tiny waterfall :slight_smile: found this scene when I went for a walk long time ago
hope you like my last entry. I enjoyed it much and my biggest lesson was to relax my mind before a painting


Good job with this challenge and great improving! Congrats!


thanks :). We did it!


This is really soothing… Congratulations on completing the challenge ! :slight_smile:

I throughly enjoyed watching your art… Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and everything !


That tea looks delicious. Your waterfall is very nice, too :slight_smile:

Congrats on finishing!!


Nicely done~! Congrats in completion the challeges.

That’s alot of growing in your artworks in such a short period~ Your observation in painting the translucent object is amazing.
I also agree your winter icy cold environment does conveys the relaxing atmosphere.
I am glad to hear you enjoy while making out with these arts.
That’s a bliss for anyone who draws to be happier~

Merry Christmas & Have a good holiday to you~.s


I like the tea illustration!
It is like it is from Harry Potter world. Somebody used the Evanesco Spell to make the tea disappear!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Congratz on completing! Quite the evolution on your work!
Merry Christmas!


hey everyone!
did not expect so many comments from you. It cheers up my day :love: thx for all the compliments and wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year:D hope to meet you all next year for this challenge again. I really enjoyed it


Tatjana you did a great job! Waterfall winter is beautiful.
Merry Christmas!:slight_smile:


Hi. You asked me do I work in photoshop? Yes. It is PS with some brushes from Gumroad and my own.