Mother-of-Zar_#drawcember sketchbook thread


my new “Entry”:

spiced orange as decoration :slight_smile:

I am experiencing a bit trouble with my eye lately and hab a bit pain the other day. since my doc told me to be careful with my eye, I will probably do a bit traditional drawings/ paintings for the challenge. just to stay away from the PC as much as possible and to relax the whole thing. We will see how it goes in the future :slight_smile:


I am learning from your every single sketch a lot! Congratulations on your skills an creativity. Thank you for participating in this DrawCember!!


thank you so much for your nice compliment and kind words :slight_smile: its really food for my motivation to keep on.


“Entry”: ivy garland

ink drawing


“Entry”: Shovel

pencil drawing.


I like your last entry quite a lot :). Good work!


Spiced orange is a nice improvement! I’d suggest enhancing the light and darken a bit the shadows and reflex, reflex should never match mid tones in value or form will start to turn out. Also, you can push shadow right under the orange a little bit darker, and lighten it up as it goes further from the object, and you also can blend the edge of orange with shadow a bit. Hope it was useful, good luck and get well!


@LadyMedusa: thanks, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

@Doomov: thank you very much for your constructive criticism. Your improvement suggestions make a lot of sense. thanks again. :slight_smile: it was helpful


I like the latest design.
I hope your eye goes a little better.:slight_smile:


thanks Stefano, yes my eyes is a bit better :slight_smile:


“Entry”: lights


“Entry”: smoky ice


A really curious image.


thank you Stefano :slight_smile:

I tried digital painting again today. it´s definitively more exhausting to the eye. probably from the monitor inner lighting.

my new “Entry” is “mittens” my cousins mittens. guess I do not try to draw 100% accuratly to my reference photo. But I try to capture the idea for sure. I think I improved a bit at achieving a realistic look in coloring light and shadow.


my new “Entry” :slight_smile: -Scarf-


I like your mittens entry.
You have improoved since the first one :slight_smile:


It is an excellent exercise to try to make objects and their materials.
The results achieved are very valid.:slight_smile:


Nice workon the fabric, it’s not easy to pull it off!


sorry, am a bit late ^^ was a busy day!

“Entry” frosty bead.
since I was shopping for my beloved beads and found cool looking ones. Surface was like frost or fine snow


“Entry” christmas star ( poinsettia)