Mother-of-Zar_#drawcember sketchbook thread


hi all :slight_smile:

joining a bit late but trying to catch up all missing days. Good luck to you all!!!


Here is myfirst painting.

“Entry” candle


my next “Entry”: north pole

there will be a second one coming up this day :slight_smile: doing my best to catch up


I like the temperature in the iceberg.~
Stay in your own pace. There’s how everyone reach there by going slow so we can grow fast.


thabks for your kind words


I like the Candles Light paint. There is something good when there are many candles lighted. Keep it going !! :smiley:


thank you :slight_smile: it encourages me of course


my next one. I like it somehow so better to leave it now. not to overdoing it.

“Entry”: gingerbread


I enjoyed this one the best so far. It relaxed my mind when I painted it.

“Entry”: Winter


I like the painterly look of your last two images. The gingerbread reminds me of classical paintings.


Good painting.


thank you all for your comments :slight_smile:

“Entry” for today: christmas ornaments


I love that gold look!


Nice works! I’d suggest adding more difference in value and color to the objects, depending on how far or close they are to the viewer. It will increase the sense of depth in your works. Good luck!


thanks for the constructive critic doomov :slight_smile: will consider it in the future.

my new “Entry” is “presents”


my newest “Entry”: snow

Needed a bit loosenes after the presents. hope you like it


day 12
I still need a few missing pieces :slight_smile:

“Entry”: jingle bell


A forced perspective.


The way you paint metal is really good. It feels so natural and shiny.


thanks Stefano and Christy :slight_smile: