*Mother and Child*


I saw emotion and felt it when I watched this picture!
But it didn’t have anything to do with those smudges!
In photo there is a mother and child that is enough to wake emotions!

You have nice frames for digitalphoto but I thing thats all!

This is only a my opinion and I don’t want to insult anyone!
But I thing piece of shit can be art if People consider it is art!!!
So listen what people are saying!!


I can appreciate your wanting comments restricted only to the feelings generated by the image, but it’s impossible to completely remove technical considerations from the mix because, often, technique is what enhances or interferes with fully communicating your intent to the viewer.

I, too, find the contrast between the photographic faces and the painterly framing a bit jarring, and the feeling it generates in me is slight amusement because the expressions on the people are a bit unnatural and the image is further removed from reality by the lack of integration between the photos and the rest of the image. The overall feeling (to me) is a bit farcical. Sorry.

Maybe painting the faces, as opposed to compositing photos, would strengthen the image.


i just keep thinking about those things in the mall where they take you pic and put them on a mug.

you shouldn’t be so defensive when posting in a critique forum, imho.


but what soft ware do you use for dose it ?



I’d first like to say that your ability as a 2D artist has surpassed mine own so this is coming from somone who can’t yet take his own advice yet sees room for improvement.

The swirls are a nice touch, but they seem to take away from the true focus of the picture- the mother and daughter.

Also, I understand the white as purity surrounding the two, but in sticking to one main color, creates a sort of contrast between the origional and the additions. I’d blend in some sublte transision coloring to make an truley awsome blend.

Last, dispite the creative details to the top portion of the picture, the bottom right part is very much dull. A suggestion is to crop that bottom area out or to place a symbolic addition to really give the picture dimention.

Keep on painting,

  • I look foward to seeing more of your creations!


Yeah, I don’t get much from this either. Your defense of it is strong and I believe your definition of it is what you had in mind, but I just don’t see it nor does it evoke any sort of emotion for me. It looks, to me, like you simply painted over a photo of the faces and then didn’t use much ‘creativity’ with the rest of it since it’s just mainly black and white. Seems to me that someone with the ability to render such photorealistic faces should have put more effort into the rest of the image. But then that’s just my opinion.

I would also like to note that maybe you shouldn’t take what people say personally. Seems to me that unless someone had something positive to say about this piece, you weren’t very happy with it and let them know. Resorting to name calling because someone doesn’t agree with you is childish. That kid might just be 14, but that doesn’t mean his opinion isn’t any less valuable than anyone elses.


I think you just need to either make the swirls closer to the color of the faces, or give the faces some kind of a gradient that is similar to the swirls.

The coments people are makeing about it are right on. There is a fundamental shift in feel between the faces and the other elements. The contrast between the real world photo feel of the faces and the etheral swirling stuff is to harsh, and needs to be adressed. Some kind of abstraction in the faces needs to happen to make the thing gel.


I personally don’t get any emotion out of this either. Plain and simple, it’s the photo element and the drawn element not working together.

The photo element has a real human warmth type of emotion to it. The drawn part has an ethereal, almost cold (but not to say it isn’t loving) feel to it. It is also very abstract whereas the photo is very real. These two forms of expression aren’t working together at all, and in fact, they completely offset each other.

I must say too, and this is not a personal attack, that the image isn’t that creative, which really hurts the image. For me, the intertwining element is almost to the point of cliche, unless it is done in a most creative and brilliant way. The fact that it intertwines to a heart just gives it all the more of a generic feeling to me. To be honest, it reminds of those booths where you go in with your friends, select a border (for example, a heart) and a caption, it takes your picture, and a minute later it prints it out. Sure, your’s is a little more “complicated”, but I still get the same feeling (or lack of) of the photo booth example.

The emotion of love is already expressed in the faces in the photo, and the rest of the image that is supposed to convey love simply can’t be as powerful as the facial expressions unless it is extremely creative and evocative. And on the topic of the photo, while I couldn’t view the original, someone mentioned it is a boy. I completely thought it was a girl. That then also works against the image, as the mother-son bond is different than the mother-daughter bond. Sure, some people might think it’s a boy and some a girl, but I would hope it’d be a little bit more clear.

I sincerly apologize at this point that I haven’t given any constructive criticism (that is, I didn’t give any suggestions to improve it), but I feel the image and idea, at this stage are fundamentally flawed.


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