Morph X Modifier


I want to know the best choose for lips sync animation:
1- The morph way
2- The mesh selct with xform way?
Does it depend of the character model (cartoon ,realist human…)or not?
I use Max.


Mmm… Tricky this one,

Ive plaved with Morphs and bones, and they dont seem to give me total control i want , at the minute im working on a system based on muscles where by you have main controls on the jaw and corners of the mouth, but also controls of parts of the lips. So e.g you can pull a oww shape, and then pull corners of the mouth to give it grimmus! in the viewport live on the fly, you can give instant changes. When its all finished ill post a version. Its based on musles of the face, and works really well!, and feels like skin.


(stills some bugs though mainly the Pukka control!)

Pic attached:


Very interesting, how’s this going?



really Cool…

I dont no why no one as done this before .Or done it with a script file.I really like what your doing here so much I am going to give it ago all so.I did download your file and have play it looks like a hell of alot of linked xforms,But it works really well like you was saying.Keep it up…


Hey Lildragon hows everything with you short film etc. And Mastering 3d, i think this is the technique Pixar uses.

Anyway the threads jumped! to:

Its in Character Rigging forum, with loads of updates.!go see!

It can perform something like 196 facial variations! in the mouth,and 64 in eyebrows, with 6 in eyes.



some good stuff there. keep going with it. won’t steer you wrong… d=^)



well theres this cool plugin that does the work for you heres a link


heres a cool plugin,it does all the work for you


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