Moritz Reichelt - Automotive UI Designer / 3D Artist


Hi everyone,

my name is Moritz, I’m a 3D Artist and UI Designer currently located in Northern Germany.

I started my path in a small game studio being a texture artist for two years. For the last years I’ve worked as an UI Designer / 3D Artist at Audi. Recently I decided to shift back to entertainment industry and I’m about to join a small post-production company quite soon.

Unfortunately automotive industry is quite biased and I’ve no one around to share the same interests of the incredible world of CG and (digital) art in general. So I’m really looking forward to meeting some inspiring people and amazing artists. I’d love to share my knowledge and get some valuable feedback to help each other grow.

Feel free to have a look at my portfolio where I just put some recent projects. For a more complete overview visit my behance page: