more realistic/ skin shader in Renderman21/ layered shader


more realistic/ skin shader in Renderman21
*making skin shaders in pxrSurface,(no problem) *–only one shader
But if i want add dirt or water. add anything u want on base skin shader, have to usepxrlayerSurface…
*making skin shaders in pxrlayerSurface, (have a problem)…

*----pxrlayerSurface with burley normalized type(i can *use only 2 textures)-less realistic

*Is there any way to use pxrlayerSurface with subsurface Model type–(Multiple Mean Free paths)

*I always think Multiple Mean Free paths type more realistic than burley normalized type.
----normally i use 3 textures(over,middle,deep)

*Compare Arnold render plugin, Easy to combine with all shaders even skin shader.

*but why we have to remake the again when i use pxrlayerSurface shader?

*please Need professional helps.