More Cinema 4D + Cintiq + Windows 10 woes


hi I’ve asked over at creative cow with no luck, anyone got any ideas here?

I’m pretty much good with the incredibly awkward combination of a 4k screen, cinema 4d, a wacom cintiq running on windows 10 (home)…

Windows Ink is behaving itself, the resolution is alright now, BUT I’m getting this annoying thing that if I’m on the main monitor, whenever a new window opens in cinema, my mouse pops back onto the cintiq. For instance, I’m happily working, then I click render settings, the mouse teleports to the cintiq screen. I have to toggle back to the main screen to continue…

Is anyone else getting this issue, or know how to fix it? I know it sounds minor but it really disrupts my whole work flow, very frustrating.