Mole Warrrior, Pete Sussi (3D)


Title: Mole Warrrior
Name: Pete Sussi
Country: United States
Software: LightWave 3D, Photoshop

This is the mole warrior. It is based on the wonderful art of Feng Zhu. i used it as a test to see how close i can make a exsisting design without giving myself the luxury of modifying the tough areas.

here is the original feng design to see how close i got:



Saw this in 3d World, real nice work. Do you have any other angles?


This is so well done…I really dig Feng Zhu and wanna try modeling something of his one day. Turned out awesome. How bout a wire and some views? Exlent…:love:


delightful work !!!
done really nice, got a good feel to it.

i would be happy to see some wire, too.



OH.HMM.have seen it before in 3dtotal gallery,
such a great modelling and texturing!
love it and also love AWESOME sketches of Feng …
keep it up.


Thanks for the kind words and the high marks. this model was a bit of a turningpoint for me in setting a higher bar for myself.

I’ll post some wires later on today.
thanks again…from the new “cgtalker” guy :wink:


great character pete. i like it so much, i can feel his characteristics.


Great textures. Something about the background and text reminds me of an ad you would find in Cinefex.


Perfect character and perfect textures!


really nice work- the modelling and textures are superb.


everything really looks great. I love the large soft light fromt he front, and the texturing looks amazing. This is a great piece, if only you designed it too!


well, i just wanna see a wireshot:)


Excellent modelling, light and textures. Looks terrific.


great work !!!




Holy muffins! Awesome job! That’s amazing!



thanks for your patience waiting for these :slight_smile:

and thanks again for the kind words. it means alot to me.


just great :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


wow! i love it! very creative work. love the expression - it makes the mole look alive. great character! :thumbsup::applause::applause::applause:


Great modeling and texturing (nice skills!)… Well done, keep it up :thumbsup: