Mograph weightmaps not working with Cloner vertex map as a variable tag


I’m using some simple plains in a cloner that has a vertex map applied to them. After watching a tutorial I found that I can place a Mograph weightmap to the same cloner and use a random field to randomize it’s influence. The instructor then places the Mograph weightmap tag into the fields section of the vertex map so that the influence is spread throughout the clones individually. For some reason when I place my Mograph weightmap tag into the vertex map fields section nothing happens. But if I place a spline or any other object in there it works. Does anyone know if there is a glitch or something with the variable tag field not being recognized inside of the vertex map fields section? I have uploaded the result from the instructor (on the right) and what I’m getting(on the left). I can’t seem to figure out what would be causing it not to work. Any help would be highly appreciated.