Mograph/PolyFX question


Scenario: I have a poly object being affected by a PolyFX object and a plain effector. The polys are descending on Y, scaling from 0-1 and fitting into place. (The plain effector has linear falloff)

Objective: I would like to have the polys begin as white and turn black based on the same falloff as the plain effector.

What I’ve tried: Using the shader effector and/or the color settings in the plain effector do not seem to have any effect on the polys. I can make things work as planned with an ordinary cloner just not PolyFX.

Do these color options work with PolyFX?


Update: After remapping UV’s, messing around with settings, etc, it just seems like the shader effector treats the object as a single clone rather than individual poly clones.

Any ideas?


Its a known limitation afaik.


Ahh, ok.
I ended up placing another effector that scales the polys imeediately back down to zero and I’ll use it as a mask in AE.



Hey Wes, could you put your poly object in a Fracture object and apply a new shader effector to that Fracture object, so that you have the plain effector effecting the PolyFX deformer and the shader effector effecting the Fracture object for the color only?

edit: if that’s not clear enough, I’ll be happy to post a file if you prefer.


Thanks man, I’ll give it a shot.


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