Mograph Colour Shader Viewport Alpha limitations?


So my query is in regards to the View Port in R23 and onwards only being able to show Alpha effects from the Mograph Colour Shader when the Display Shading is set to a shading option with lines and also needing Isoparms checked.

A basic scene with Mograph Text (or just Text as it is now) a Plain Effector with a Linear Field for fall off with an animation loop going from left to right, with the text having just a basic material with the Colour Shader in the Alpha channel to reveal or hide the text.

In R19 and R21 it doesn’t matter what Display setting you use in the viewport eg: Gouraud Shading /Wireframe you can see the transparency from Alpha channel on the text as the Linear Field goes back and fourth as you’d expect! So is this Display limitation that l’m seeing in R23 onwards on purpose? Or is there some display setting or preference setting that l’m not aware of that would be causing this?

R23 Colour Shader Alpha.c4d (218.8 KB)