Mister3d sketchbook


My current goals include:

  1. Finish some anatomy pieces.
  2. Drawing silhouettes of people and creatures.
  3. Drawing people from nature.
  4. Making caricatures (stylised and exxagerrated).
  5. Posing characters based on animation principles.
  6. Drawing facial expressions.
  7. Improving hands drawing.
  8. Heads studies.

Pics soon!


My first drawing from figure drawing class. Only an hour, as I was not when it started. Anyway it’s cool to draw again.

And it’s a bit stylised head of a footbalist.

I always struggled with drawing hands. So I tried Villpu techique of drawing mittens.


Another drawing today. 2 hours seems like a good framerate: not getting too tired and concentrating on main things.


Another drawing. Can’t say I’m too happy about it. I need to draw more female anatomy.


Another one.


I tried charcoal, but it needы a bigger size of canvas to work with.


Here are some of my sketches on my tablet.


A sketch.

I started to draw girl’s head, and then added a dude. They could use more body dynamics.

Some imaginary heads. One of them is Pierce Brosnan, but doesn’t look alike. Making caricatures isn’t as easy as I thought.


Started some poses.