Missy_#Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


Now back to replies haha.

diffracted: I’m doing my best to keep up with everything for each day. :slight_smile: I have no idea how the chameleon wound up in this situation though haha.
JoelHageman: It very much is a ‘cat’ video lol! Thank you!
LadyMedusa: Thank you!
STFVIT: I will :smiley:
Lammakian: I love Laika haha. I haven’t seen Coraline but I’ve seen the others, Box Trolls being my favorite. Glad the sketches have a bit of creepiness though, was hoping for that :smiley:

darkKiell: thank you :slight_smile: I like the weird looking ones best haha.
Sheep35813 and POSEIdOON: Thank you!

Now on to work / drawing another image haha.


Day 18, cookies! Obviously when you’re stuck in monster land these are the kinds of cookies you make. And annoying floating ink blobs watch. And one malfunctions and starts to drool ink.

Day 19 is a sketch and should be finished shortly :slight_smile:


I love the cookies!!


I would lovbe to have this cookies for Christmas :smiley:


Thank you both :slight_smile:

I fell asleep haha. Here’s Day 19, candles!


Ehi che assortimento di candele, difficile sceglierne una.
Le prendo tutte!:eek:


Hahaha, baking cookies while wearing that creepy mask XD
Now, for some reason, I’m imagining Jason Voorhees doing silly stuff, like trying to drink egg nog or cutting a cake ^^


Cooockies! I like your loose sketches too


Actually, I believe the character designer and lead modeler for Box Trolls is from my town here, Spokane. I’ll have to check… eh…


Ferris High School. That’s right up on the hill. Monaghan, apparently.


So, you think the film is a good one? I was interested when it came out, but since Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride just didn’t leave all that much of an impression, I kind of skipped.

I’ll need to keep it in mind - once DrawCember is over.

Fell asleep. Me? All the time. Crashed out making today’s even.

Draw. Draw on!


STFVIT: I had to use google translator lmao. Thank you :slight_smile: I think I like the snowman just because it makes me laugh.
Lammakian: Hahaha! I’d love to see that!!
LadyMedusa: Thank you :slight_smile:
JoelHageman: Those two movies are Tim Burton’s stories, the Box Trolls isn’t. He didn’t even direct Nightmare Before Christmas haha, Henry Selick did. Burton might have for Corpse Bride but that was it. It’s very interesting. :slight_smile:

SO day 20! Just two days left. I tried another reptile, a cute gecko, for the theme ‘Cheer’. They just bring so much cheer when you see their smiling faces.


There it is.

I’m liking your critter pics. Don’t know why.

They got derring-do, I guess.


_another lizards _then, _Could be Reptiles abounding _

actually, like All of them Keep it up! _:cool:


Really nice set of colors, it is definitely a cousin of a gecko :slight_smile:


ah! ah! ah! It’s a party gecko:)
Who knows what gift he received?
Really cute.


Really cute reptile :smiley:


JoelHageman: Thank you!
darkKiell: Haha I love drawing the reptiles :slight_smile: A lot more fun than I thought.
gfigueroa: Thank you!
STFVIT: Maybe some tasty bugs!
POSEIdOON: Thank you!

Day 21, ice! The puppy doesn’t like the ice very much haha. I don’t draw fluffy animals much so I thought I’d practice for this image. One more day to go!!


Your works with color are your best! Very nice last two!


Ice is a delightful image that would work well even in animation.
Come on! Only one!:slight_smile:


Very Well Done :salute: _``~… Happy Christmas


Aha. Ready for an animated Bambi winter scene. The story of the pup’s apprehension.