Missy_#Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


Thank You!

I got invited laat minute to see Star Wars tonight, and I was going to rush to finish my piece but decided it was better I took my time. So I will post two images tomorrow instead!


_well , _Congratulations : skaters and ornament sketches _look good
you did catch “the flow” _``~…:cool:


haha thank you :slight_smile:

Ok so I’m glad I spent the extra time to finish this! Everyone at work seemed to like it haha. Terrified chameleon sledding! :slight_smile: Day 14! I will be doing day 15 later tonight.


Hah. He looks like he’s thinking that he didn’t think this all the way through.


Loved the chamaeleon! Ehehe :smiley:
I’m also glad you finished, looks great


Congratulations is for Star Wars _ Chameleons is excellent


Just some quick character sketches. It’s been a long day and I thought I was game for more but I guess not x.x
Super sketchy but it will do


I can’t even decide which one is my favorite :smiley: Love your work! The fish character is so funny! I want to hear him talking!


This sketchs would look good for a characters in a Tim Burton animation :slight_smile: with thoses big dark eyes


Very nice works! Love the chameleon sledding piece, one of your best, well worth the time spent!


It’s been a crazy day. Had to take time to take care of xmas shopping, cavity filling, and boyfriend has a bad sore neck muscle that prevents him from moving thus I have to drive everywhere for now. x.x So I didn’t have time to do much, but I wanted to take the time to respond to comments since I didn’t properly do that last night (sorry!).

darkKiell: I’m glad I was able to catch the ‘flow’ haha. Thank you for your other comments :slight_smile:
SmallPoly: That was the look I was hoping to get right!
POSEIdOON: Thank you! Burton’s old stuff was always a huge inspiration for me. I read a biography of his and it was so nice to hear that he was honest about not being good at some things or needing someone to help flesh out his ideas so long as it could fit his style. I can actually see him doing stop motion with the sketches I did haha. That’d be interesting for sure.
nataliel: Haha thank you!! I imagine the fish character going something like…‘blub blub blub’ hahaha.
grafik: Thank you :slight_smile: I think it’s my best so far too. I’m going to try another image like this either tomorrow or sometime this week if work is slow again.

I appreciate everyone’s comments!!


That terrified chameleon is pretty great :slight_smile: Now how did it get into that situation, anyway?

Good to see you keep it up daily- not always easy with life in the way.


That chameleon is really an out-of-his-element situation.
That’s a cat video right there.
Has character. And well portrayed. Pretty fun.


I LOVE the chameleon :love:


The chameleon is fantastic!
Keep it up:applause:


Haha ! The sketches remind me of Coraline. I’m one of the few who enjoyed the movie so I guess I really like those drawings :slight_smile:
No need for those to be clear, the sketchy lines actually convey a sense of creepiness !


I had a reply for everyone started but then my browser app closed on my phone and lost it. I will reply to everyone’s comments in the morning on my computer. I’ve been baking cookies all day so I decided to stick with traditional sketches while they were in the oven.
Day 16, winter! I love seeing weird snowmen people make.

Day 17, North Pole! Various signage for Santa :wink: I like the Hollywood inspired one at the bottom and the wood one best


North Pole! Various signage like the wood one And + weird snowmen people``~…


Love the snowmen sketches!


Loved this sketchs of the snowman’s and North Pole signs :smiley: