Missy_#Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


Characters from a comic book you´re making?


I’ve actually been trying to put together a game for them, at least a game doc first with images / story in it. It’s just meant to be a goofy sci-fi retro inspired adventure. Sorta how Flash Gordon is or Galaxy Quest. Just lighthearted fun but there’s still a mission you have to finish haha. But who knows, I’ve made a test storyboard with them so maybe they’ll move on to comic adventures first :slight_smile:


Day 8, Freezing! I instantly thought of the Little Match Girl, so I tried to show going from warm to cold. I might mess with it some more later, otherwise it will stay a conceptual piece. :slight_smile:


_Or Tripping the Rift _``~…


I really like the comics.


Loved this concepts!
Would like to see more of your sci-fi story and/or game board. You could also make some concepts of the game here :slight_smile:


Day 9! So since it was asked to see more of Mari and Jane, so here’s some random concepts of my idea. :slight_smile: Mari is still a WIP when it comes to her skills (might be minor explosives and sniper or something), but I have a rough storyboard with her in it The next is some concepts of what the beginning enemies would look like, with some inspiration from Creature from the Black Lagoon. I’ll get back to the xmas prompts tomorrow though, maybe squeezing these two into it somehow. :smiley:


Ahaha! Loved the story-board. Good scenes and body expression.


Really nice storyboard :slight_smile: sluuurp


I LOVE that “Can’t you drink that quietly ?” shot. Simple but very good staging, great pose of that girl on the left and her expression is perfect !
That “Who told you that ?” face is also excellent. And the drinking girl is just as good !

You did a great job ! :wink:


Thank you everyone for the comments :slight_smile: They definitely made my day! So, I went back to the prompts but I have Mari in it! When working with aliens, a big present is a little cause for alarm haha. You never know what strange thing is in that wrapping.


Nice drawing! The lucky bag can be good too. :slight_smile:


_you’re going good _``~…:cool:


Thank you guys

Day 11, gingerbread! Tried a bunny haha. Just trying something simple and quick for tonight - Monday’s make me tired.


Whats in that present?!.. a gun? ehehe
Love her expression and body language


Make the characters expressions very well.


Day 12, skating! Did some gesture / pose practice to give my arm a break haha. I think it was good practice, definitely not easy to draw the stiff yet ‘flowy’ look skaters have.


I love the gingerbread, it keeps me laughing… and somehow I didn’t notice Day 8… the light/fire is awesome!


Thank you :slight_smile:

Day 13, just some ornament sketches! Getting a bit burnt this week from work so just trying to keep it as simple as possible til Friday.


Your gesture drawings and the character expressions are very good! The storyboard reminds me of a funny and silly song. Too bad i couldn’t find it on youtube xD