Missy_#Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


darkKiell: thank you!
gfigueroa: the forum upload image thing hates me ;_; Looks like Lammakian fixed it for me though haha.
POSEIdOON: Literally what I say every time I try to troubleshoot the issue haha.
Lammakian: Thank you for the comments and the help with the code! I don’t know what’s causing the issue. Maybe I have some weird blocker on my firefox? I’ll remove the height/width and see if that fixes it :slight_smile: edit: IT FIXED ALL THE PROBLEMS!! Thank you so so much!!


Hehe the seasonal weaponry is a lot of fun! Great job :slight_smile:


_Ain’t having trouble with _Firefox _?? so, idk _``~…


Having issues with my main drawing program so I used photoshop today. I have not used photoshop to draw with in…a very long time haha. Ah well. Day 5, Mittens! I thought it’d be interesting to draw hands and then try to imagine what mittens look like with that hand pose. Super quick one for today. :slight_smile:

jezhawk: Thank you! :slight_smile:
darkKiell: It’s ok, I got help to fix it.


(=Having issues with my main drawing program = ) have you used Krita _??

glad you fix it _(Firefox)


Krita is actually the only program I like using and of course it’s the one having issues LOL. I love that program though :slight_smile: I’m going to try updating it and see if that fixes my issue. It usually does. My computer is just really really annoying sometimes. Glad someone else uses it though!


Cool sketchs! The way you made it i guess its the more accurate way to make mittens, this way there is no mistake :slight_smile:


This is a neat take on the Mittens prompt :)! I like seeing how the fingers work in them. Hands can be difficult, and with clothing they can be more tricky.


_using Krita 3.0 _ because have 32bit Windows _ _ Did previous versions have trouble ?? _perhaps also, could try one of those``~…


Day 6, snow! Trying for a snow ‘material’ type thing. It’s ok, I need more practice though.

But, I got Krita to work again so that’s good :slight_smile:

POSEIdOON: Thank you! That was my thought haha.
chantellewalker: Yea, clothes are a big pain but I think if I continue an idea like that I should get better at it. That’s the theory lol
darkKiell: It’s all fixed now


Nice snow, however, I had to access it as it seems you are having issues with the link :wink: I loved that the hand was shown… it helps to realize why the mitten has that shape.


I just fixed it - sorry about that! I sometimes resize the image so it’s not a giant post which is what’s causing the issue I think. Thank you for the comments though :smiley:


Hey, I’m loving your sketches and drawings. keep it up!


That’s one big ball of snow ! :smiley:
It’s not easy to paint materials but I immediately understood what i was ! So I think it’s fine.
Also, we all need more practice, that’s why we enter those challenges, don’t we ? :wink:
Keep on going ! Only two more weeks to go !

No problem. I’m just happy to help !


Snow can be quite challengy. I think you did pretty good :).


I agree, excellent snow.


_glad you fix Krita _``~…


Sutansan: Thank you!
Lammakian: Yes, two more weeks haha. I’m proud so far I’m keeping up (aside from today, late night at work right now unfortunately). Thank you :slight_smile:
LadyMedusa: Thank you!
STFVIT: Hurray haha. I’m glad everyone is able to recognize it as snow at least.
darkKiell: Me too :slight_smile:

So it’s a late night at work (I’m still here!), so I won’t be able to post anything today. I’ll be able to make up for it tomorrow though since it’s Friday! Woohoo!


I can’t wait to see the one from today :slight_smile:


Day 7, scarf! I figured I’d use my two characters, Mari and Jane!
Mari is an Earth human, Jane an alien from a solitary planet who is trying to learn how things work on Earth. Simple things seem to elude her.

Day 8 coming soon :slight_smile: