Missy_#Drawcember Sketchbook Thread


I’m going to try really hard to do this. Work is coming to a calmer state so I should be able to keep up. :slight_smile:

Happy drawing!!


Welcome, Make sure to say hey to other challengers and share your work as you go on your social network for better odds!

Good Luck!


Just some reindeer sketches, blocking out the shape and focusing on that so I don’t get caught up in detail. Threw in a few thumbnail sketches to get better at those and practice a bit of composition. :slight_smile: Trying to keep it simple and loose for now.


I like it! It would give a good Christmas cards.


Ok, so we have a Xmas Comic on the way??? It is looking awesome!!! Can’t wait to see day 2 :slight_smile:


Looks great, keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


I woke up with this idea, and I could’ve done 2 pages a day but I wanted to get it out now. I have so many stories etc. in my head that it’s easier for me to throw the initial concept out asap then drag it out. SO. This is ‘Jingle’. :slight_smile: I hope this loads properly - if not I can link a tumblr post with this or find another way. Sorry for the large number of images!

I learned a lot and even though I got tired at the end (my wrist is on fire!) I’m happy I was able to finish this.

EDIT: Looks like there was an issue so I’ll post the link to my tumblr post here: http://insanesmindleaks.tumblr.com/post/168136592443/my-wrist-day-2-jingle

And the first page just to show:


Those are really nice reindeer sketches :).
I’m glad the little girl found her cat. It’s so scary when they go missing.


Nice story-board. What you have in your mind would be a short animation?


Nice story, are you going for more or just testing different areas ?


Thanks for all the kind comments (on both images)! :slight_smile: I was so tired yesterday after finishing this I forgot to get back to previous comments.

POSEIdOON: I’d love to make some of the reindeer thumbnails into postcards, time permitting. We’ll see, maybe that can be another piece for the contest! I imagine the boards to be for a short animation, but not sure if that’s something I could tackle for the contest. I’d most likely make it in 3D as I’m more comfortable with that than 2D haha.

gfigueroa: No xmas comics haha. But yes, I’m just testing different areas at the moment. Anything I can draw I’m going to attempt, though I don’t think I’m going to be doing anymore boards since those are pretty time consuming for me, but who knows. My mind is crazy.

CrisisMode: I will try to keep up! o7

LadyMedusa: Yes, my family used to have a cat that snuck outside often just to experience the thrill, and the newest cat is now doing the same thing because she wants to chase birds. It’s a heart-stopping moment when you can’t find them for sure!


You can also make 3d images here! Other artists are doing, and i would like to see some of your 3d work :slight_smile:
Even curiouss how the girl of the story-board would look like in 3d…


Cool to see story driven sketches pushed further with a full storyboard. Very emotional subject matter that I think most of us can connect to on some level. My dog is definitely treated more on a human level than an actual dog level, haha. Couldn’t imagine losing him! I mean, I can but don’t want to. Anyways, good stuff! Can’t wait to see more!


Day 3! Had to take a break Sunday, so I did this during some down time at work today. Sketched in pen, and I need to get better at using a camera to take pictures of sketches haha. Had to tweak it a bit. Hopefully I won’t have to do this again. The theme I picked was wreath! I made weapons with that theme since I haven’t drawn them in a long time, and a lot of games always have some sort of holiday themed weapon, so I gave it a go. Day 4 will be posted shortly.

(If the image doesn’t load: http://insanesmindleaks.tumblr.com/post/168204763458/wreath-themed-weapons )

POSEIdOON: If I have time I’ll try to do a quick sculpt of her :slight_smile: Maybe that will be a weekend piece?
dronejmr1: Thank you!!


Good to know justcallmeinsane :slight_smile: i’ll be hoping to see it


Got it done! Day 4, Garland!
I wondered how a mermaid would fare putting one together underwater haha. I don’t imagine it being easy.

Link in case attachment doesn’t work: http://insanesmindleaks.tumblr.com/post/168207484033/my-computer-was-not-cooperating-but-i-at-least-got


they’re looking good, so far_``~…


Very nice. Any reason why you are not displaying it on the forum? :slight_smile:


Whats happening with the upload of your images?!


Seconded. It’s a great idea ! Now I want to try something like that too !
(also, thumbs up for the dog part. 'cause I love dogs too)

@justcallmeinsane, your code is showing. Try to click on the “[BBCODE]”, at the top right hand corner and it should work fine !

EDIT : actually, it doesn’t. That’s weird.

EDIT 2 : OK, try to remove the “width=678,height=700” part and it should work (hopefully)