Mirroring translate controls with mirrored behaviour


Hi! New here.

What would be the correct way to mirror over a translate-based control across the X axis?

I’m trying to make it so that my translation based controls move in opposite directions when both are translated at once. (basically, if I select both controls and enter a positive value into Translate X, the left and right controls should move away from the centre)

When I try grouping over the control (mind you, this control is oriented differently to the world) and setting Scale X to -1 (flipping the control over), this gives me the desired behaviour. But when I pull the control out of the group, the scale of the control just inherits the -1 scale value (unhelpful because I should have my controls and offset group’s transforms frozen). Freezing transforms just reorients the pivot/local rotation axis to the world space (which is not helpful because I need the orientation to stay).

I’ve tried the parenting trick; manually parenting, zeroing the transforms, then unparenting the control to the mirror joints (taking advantage of the mirror joints behaviour to get the right local rotation axes). This sets up the rotation axes of the mirrored controls perfectly (exhibiting mirror rotational behaviour), but the translation axes are still inverted in their direction.

I’d prefer to do this without scripting/programming if at all possible.



Sorry,but i really don’t know


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