Miranda [to Ver.2] ... (Nudity)


Good afternoon. :slight_smile:

I have continued “rough setting” for skin weights. For this time, I have add to use “Relax Weights” & “Smooth Weights” with basic “Sticky Weights”. Those effects can be seen in the bending area like waist, knees, elbows. It shows both good results and limit to deform. As I had done for Ver.1., I will add those muscles and Blendshape targets for this kind of place where shows the characteristics of movements.

After a short while to refine this weightings, I will switch to the facial rig (I guess), where I have to do a great improvement in quality.

C&C are welcome.

So to tell the truth, I’m using only 21 elements (muscles or bones) to rig Miranda for now. It’s very easy set-up but enough to preview. Yes, I know its limit for body expressions, however this easy set-up can be improved a little bit more.


Hello all. :slight_smile:

I am planning my next try about facial rig. Surfing on the net, examining my latest “Ver.1”, I am taking a lot of care to feedback from those results to my new “Ver.2”.

Here is a test movie from Ver.1. Please don’t talk about the quality of test animation since this is what I want to check “whether my Miranda’s face is animatable or not”. This is the bottom line for the next chalenge about facial rig to Ver.2.

“FE-02.avi” (XVid) 1.4MB

C&C are welcome.


Hi all. Hello. :slight_smile:

I have started my facial rig for Ver.2. and done basic settings for skin weights (Sticky Weights for cMuscle). Here I show you several snapshots for now. The effects by skull bone volume is not assigned yet, but I can feel the improved points compared with Ver.1. However I have to get used to my facial controler.

C&C are welcome.

A scary facial expression.
To repeat once more, my facial expression controler might have a lot of possibility but it needs to get used to itself. Thanks for advanced people about this genre of facial rig. :thumbsup:

And meditation pose.


Hello. :slight_smile:

I have been working on my facial rig. It’s almost done and I have to test whether this setting is good or bad in animation sequences. And I hesitate to go the next step which is making-up the face or rigging the whole body. I’m planning my body rig more and more precise like real human. It needs some researching time more.

C&C are welcome.


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I decided to rig whole body other than face, and have started muscles definition. The process let me recognize the points where I made mistakes in the previous Ver.1. and study how to improve those points. Snapshot is as below. It is kind of crazy rigging to implement those muscles as possible as I can, but the approximations of real muscles are going to be more natural than before. I’m curious about what I can do for this time chalenge.

C&C are welcome.


Hello. :slight_smile:

I’ve done a basic rigging for muscles. The snapshot is as below. Painting weights process will take few days. I know there are some troubles about this time rig, but I will fix those problems throughout the painting process.

C&C are welcome.


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It’s rainy day at where I live.

I have done body rig except torso. Here is a snapshot for hand. For this time, I’m using “Relax” feature for cMuscle plug-in. It shows me the lumbricale effect at the palm-finger connections area. As a matter of course, there are some troubles to be fixed, but I think I can show you the whole-body rig a few days later.

C&C are very welcome.


Excuse me for no post as I promised. :shrug:

From my private reason, I have to get a job in Japan as soon as I can. Maybe I will go back to the Software Engineering field. So the updates will be later. Sorry…


Wow that is amazing, I just into rigging so I know exactly what it takes. This stuff is mind blowing I love it!! I am sorry if you said it, but what program are you using?



ill answer this one for yah renpoo

hes using Maya :slight_smile:


> Lordrych, NovaKane

Yes, I’m using MAYA with cMuscle & cSmartBlend plug-ins.
Thank you.


amazing work ! nothing to critic .

your facial test made me laught…i was imagined the sound…:scream:

i am sure you will find a great job !



Yeah this is looking great! That last hand pose seems a little off but I’m sure you know that.


Thanks guys for your comments. :slight_smile:

> visionmaster2

I’m grad to hear that you had imagined the sound. Yeah, the sound is important. I want a good voice actoress for Miranda.

I’ll find a new job to continue my life & compositions. Thanks! :thumbsup:

> Howitzer

Yes, I know the last hand pose seems a little bit masculine. The sticky weights paintings are not well enough for some parts, and I have to use smooth weight feature for cMuscle plug-in. The balance to be smoothed or not is very important. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Hi. Long time no see. :slight_smile:

I’m still on job hunting. It seems hard for me to get a job but I have to get. It becomes to be unable to imagine what kind of job I can get.

For my paper portofolio, I had made the other snapshots about facial expressions. Here it is.

C&C are welcome.


Nice riggng! :wink: Your doing well, but it’s a shame the head doesnt suit the body, and doesnt look human, i would definitly tweak the lips, brows and ears,


> Diependaal

Thanks for reply, but why it is a “shame”?

> definitly tweak the lips, brows and ears,

Tell me “more specific” about how do you recommend to tweak those parts. It is vague.



hard to crit on the rig because I don’t know what you’re planning to fix and I know you’re not done yet. in general there are bulges at the bases of the joints; fingers, hips, elbows, etc that i know you know about.

it would be easier to judge the deformations in video format i think, I’d like to see the effect of cMuscle on the skin


In my opinion:

  1. The bottom lip needs to be much bigger, at least bigger than the top lip, and not so defined.

  2. The eyebrows shouldn’t be so straight for so long, a bit more of a curve.

3) The ears are far too big, generally they should spread from the top of the eye down to the nostrils.

The rest is immaculate! :thumbsup:


The lip is to sharp ,and has the look of of a doll, a little, it should be a smoother flow, also with the brow, she has a manly brow, the ears are to long and to big.

so smooth out the brow area, redo the mouth and make it more smooth and elegant, instead of sharp and doll like, Get some reference pictures, set them up , and model from there, caus it looks like you havent used a global sort of regerence for the head.

But also check the head shape…it is a bit to square , and give her less of a jaw, i see in your latest pic where the head is slighlt turned, her jaw bone is visible, it makes her more like a man than a female, and remove the line between the cheekbone and ear on the side of the cheek