Mineral Reign - Material Library


Hi cg pros, this is my first post on cg society…

I’m currently working on building a large material library and textures based on Mineral reign.
I’'m using photos I shot with a Nikon D7100 during trips or visits in natural history museums of Europe
with a Nikkor 105 mm macro/micro and other lenses.
The textures range from 2000x3000 px to 4500x 5500 but 90% of them are around 4000 x4000 px.

The idea is to build a versatile and elegant mineral material library
that could serve for product visualisation (jewels, objects) or more graphic /personal projects…
I hope people find it interesting and fun to play with…
I plan to keep it at a quite low price more people can enjoy it
(very likely something around 50 c of euro per material in each library of 60 materials).
Ultimately the collection could be released in 3 libraries of 60 materials in each
to keep the price of each as low as possible considering the time spent on it.

I’ll post here the wips and updates of the materials the library before I release it…

Please feel free to suggest any mineral reign material you would like to see added in the library…


here are more images of teh Material Reign - Texture collection


Some more previews of the collection…