Miguel Nogueira's Sketchbook


Following up with another shot.


Hey all. Let’s see if I can keep this up better than I have as of late.


I know it’s not something I usually do, I’m trying to stay away from the ever so present 3D in my work, so for a change, I’m having tons of fun with this process, so I don’t care! Feedback still welcome though!



Some horror and character stuff, getting old ideas from old sketches out before I dive back into learning more environment design and more software.


Some WIP, Im unsure if I should add some marvelous designer cloak to add a supernatural feel rather than a gross monster. There may be some good contrast in having some parts peek through garments. I’ll need to think about it.


Hi all! I’ve been posting at my concept artist site as well, will try to update this again soon :slight_smile: