Miguel Nogueira's Sketchbook


I’ve tried to create a sketchbook on here before but for some reason, uploads were never collaborating with me, it seems to be good now. Everyone on CGSociety is super prolific and I have always wanted to have an up to date mark on here.

Some previous pieces for some context for now, while I’ll post WIPs and newer stuff later:


Awesome stuff! Look forward to seeing more!




Nice Stuff looking forward to this


Oh hey! Thanks for dropping by! I was going to update this, but I forgot, so here it is.

A note about the development.
I’m trying to get myself back to personal artwork. I’m doing enemy design inspired by Lovecraft, some weird cultists, with a supernatural vibe. They are kind of in the loose side, as I’m exploring a lot, and changing my mind a lot as I go, but I think I’m finally starting to register a more concise conclusion! I’m hoping to break a lot of ground, experimenting, let’s see how it goes. Excuse the sketchyness


1st 3 pieces are golden i was looking for the third image earlier this week to suggest looking at more from you while at a studio. These characters in a universe with this vibe is in high demand now would love to see your portfolio focus on this stuff more and variations and characters within this world. Ill be keeping my eye out for this.


This is the third image: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/dqloK
I took a small break from doing these characters, even though I love 'em, because it was starting to feel like comfort zone. I’m a cyberpunk head and I want to get back to doing these, but for now, I want to explore other things, like creature design and environments. I may take some scifi sketches like this to finished piece later, in between study sessions. For now, even if not marketable, I thought I’d enjoy the fun of failure by exploring new design topics!
Also thanks for your comment, you’re one of the elite, so it’s really motivating me to do more of these cyberpunk characters now! I appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Great response follow your instinct exploring ither designs is great especially costume and creature so I will look forward to future post here in anticipation. Intsrstingky i always look for tge artist in their images as a good sign of great art so cool to here your life infkunces come through in your art


Yeah, it’ll be a personal challenge to keep my ‘signature’ under different types of artwork. I want to achieve pieces that are recognizable and tied back to me without being the same subject matter, which in itself is a fun and difficult challenge. It has been done by some of my favorite all time artists, so it’s fair I try to head that way.

Dev notes:
On another topic, delivering the first finished creature. The execution and final export wasn’t as perfect as it would be if I limited myself software-wise and used only one tool for the whole job, I notice that usually delivers a much more polished look, however I experimented with the process and did not bow to only one/two softwarew, as I find hybridizing our tools and processes are a good way to level up. The problem with software is, everyone has it!


Added a saddle, not 100% happy with it, not sure if I’ll use this process again unless I really have to as the materials tend to get muddy when overlayed in PS. I suppose this is why I have a sketchbook, as I’m not really aiming to get anywhere other than see what works and what doesn’t and to what extent. The process of mixing a komodo and smilodon skulls, which I learned from Big Blue Tree/Simon Lee, work fine though, I think!


Great work, multiple arms girl is so GITS! Made for L2 zbrush class? I like the creature too, but the mount raises some functionality questions that maybe you could implement in future ideas, here’s a couple

  • Hard to see just how it is attached. I can assume some ropes but it looks really flimsy
  • A horses saddle has that inverted shape, yours has cushion that seems like youd be in hell after a few bounces haha
  • It seems the top of the seat is nearly aligned with the top of the antlers, i think typically one thing should get prioritized so it has that 70/30 look and not so even
  • Scale wise he feels like a wolf/tiger but with the saddle fitting a typical human hes clearly bigger, almost wants to be a 2 seater then I think. Or at least a more elaborate sturdy saddle, I think hes bigger than a horse so you might want some extra protection.

Anyways I hope this helps a bit, this stuff all looks great I think a little more thought into function could go along way.

I want to add that the presentation of all these pieces is also fantastic. Keep it up man :slight_smile:


Hey alksndr.
I agree with that, I underestimated the function and complexity of the saddle :slight_smile: I have no great excuse for that, I just focused more on the creature part, because I’m following some notes of a course I took on creature design, so I overlooked the prop part to exercise the new knowledge I had from the creature course, which ultimately threw the whole thing off, hehe.
It’s nice of you to spend some time commenting on my work! And yes, the mech girl was done for L2. Thanks, I love your work FX!


This is not my most proud export. But it is considered (by me) a beautiful ugly child, whom I love. The final image is not one of my favorites, however the process that led me to it was enjoyable and I think I have achieved some growth with it, I turned something around that was not looking like something I’d make, to something looking like a work under my signature. It’s good to have a grip on that, which was a major critic during my college time, where I liked to explore endlessly. I may or may not go ahead and do an environment with this one, I just don’t like it enough to keep going with it. I have other ideas that I’m more keen of. Nonetheless it served as a case study, measuring brainstorming techniques and testing assignments and notes from a creature design course. But then again, if you like your process and work, repeat yourself, if you don’t, repeat yourself.


More tests


So, let’s recap, most of this creature design stuff won’t end up in my portfolio, nor is that my intention, so I’m happy to produce an high ratio of failures, posting them online only allows me to grow a thicker shell when facing my work as nothing more than experimentation, it’s like a public wall of shame, of course, I’ll try my best to do good work, which would end up in my portfolio but at the moment, if I succeed in injecting key theories in my work, (i.e. the correct mixing of human skull anatomy and animal skull; weight distribution on the poses, etc) then everything else just becomes secondary.

Teaser shot of my next work, which I’m still experimenting on how to bring more Scifi into creature design, while solving anatomical features that make sense for the character.


I haven’t made new work relevant to subcultures in a while, I liked when I first started fiddling with that topic, it felt right, it felt fun.
Gypsy punk character, could be a fence on a black market of some sort. Still playing with that idea!


Like these characters


I had forgot to post here since I was on vacation. So here’s some updates. Nothing fancy, just experimenting processes, Im actually (almost) hoping to fail on purpose with these new and upcoming works.


More practice inspired by John Park and Hawken


Long time no post! Here’s to update my sketchbook. Btw, this new site layout is neat!