MIDI files to control MOGRAPH cloners - piano solution


Hey C4D-professionals, I know there are plugins for Cinema4D R.12 on the market but since we are on R.20, may I ask if there is a nother solution to use midi files to control a piano inside C4D?



I’m in the process of re-writing my Control4D plugin for R20. Was just thinking about adding Midi file support last night, actually. So while this won’t help for your current project, it is something that’s in the works.


Hey kvb. That sounds great. Did you have a midi support in the last version of Control4D?


Yes, but not the reading/writing of midi files, strictly real time input from attached midi devices. So if you’re generating the midi files yourself and have access to R14-R19 you could still use Control4D on your current project.


Hello there,

Any news about the plugin release of Control4D? That would be great as there still no plugin to have external control on C4D like HID. Thanks a lot!


Animidi by Nitroman