Michael's Intro


Hello everyone! I’ve been on and off 3D CG for over 10 years now as a hobbyist. I’m not an artist by trade or education, I was entirely self taught from reading and tutorials. I’d say I’m more of a generalist. I’m a computer engineer for NASA (federal employee), and my day job involves project management for spacecraft flight software development & assurance. I really enjoy everything and anything related to 3D CG. I really like environments and creatures the best, though.

I don’t have a reel or website, a lot of my work is locally stored, but I have uploaded this recent piece I completed over the winter break, although I stared quite some time before that for this one, of course.

It is a shot I envisioned of the SLS rollout to start the Artemis program, of which I’m working on at work. This is a personal piece. I’m going to create more of these shots and a whole sequence eventually. One thing I really want to work on and improve is my color grading and artistic abilities.