miauu's Script Pack vol.2


miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 is updated to version 2.3


[b]Drop On is updated to version 1.2.[/b]
 - Now you can pick a polygon and use it as a plane on which the  vertices will be projected. This allwos you to project verts that are  far away from the selected polygon on the plane, that this polygon  forms. Idea  Razvan Munteanu

- You can pick 3 points in the  scene that will defines a plane. When you press the Pick 3 points to  form a plane button the SNAP to Vertex will be turned On automatically.

Offset spinner allows you to project vertices with given positive or negative offset.

 Drop On Surface - Edges Dir script allows you to project the selected  vertices using the selected edge or edges as direction of projection on  the surface of the object that is under mouse cursor when the script is  executed. Works only when it is assigned to a hotkey. Idea - Pedro  Amorim.



Extrude Along Path is updated to version 1.1.
- Now the extruded faces can be separated as an element of the selected object. In this case you can choose to cap or not the start holes, remaining after the extrusion.
- You can use "Cap End: to cap or not the end faces.


Vert Stitcher supports Edit Poly modifier with Soft Selection. Weld Verts not works when the source or target object have Edit Poly modifier on top of their stacks.

 [b]Drop On[/b] supports splines(Editable Spline and Line objects).



New Script - Snaps Tool. Extends the usability of Standard Snaps.
LMB - turn selected Snap On/Off
RMB - turn selected Snap On. Turn all other Snaps Off.
First click - Save currently active Snaps. Turn selected Snap On. Turn all other Snaps Off.
Second click - Turn On saved active Snaps.


 [b][i]Drop On is updated to version 1.3.[/i][/b]
- added support for Edit Poly modifier. Soft Selection is supported.
- When Splines are projected you can choose to project the tangents.



Align Verts To Vert - fixed bug when moving vertices for Edit Poly modifier.
Round’Em - added interactive change of radius/offset(using the spinner) for Edit Poly modifier. Demonstration


Attach and Link is updated to version 1.3
– added Offset capabilities. The Offset spinner can be used to place the attached/linked objects at the desired offset from the point of attachment.
– XYZ radiobuttons(next to the Offset spinner) is used to specify the
world axis on which the offset to be performed when the attachment is to spline’s knots.
– When some modifiers are applied to the spline and there are attached objects to that spline, when the modifiers deforms the spline the attached objects will be moved respectively to the points of attachment.
– Offset capabilities idea - Kay Pfingsten



Post deleted


miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 is update to version 3.0


New script is added - Save/Load Sub-object selection.

It allows you to save currently selected verts, edges or polygons and to select them later. Its big advantage against the default Named Selection Sets and Stored Selections - when it saves the sub objects selection it really saved it. The script supports Editable Poly objects and Edit Poly modifier.
Saved sub-objects selections are per objects. They are not break when you add new verts, edges, faces, (do tessalate, bridge, inset, extrude, bevel, inset, outline etc.).



miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 version 3.2 is available

- Easy Peel allows you to choose to which map channel to unwrap. If the channel is different than 1 it will be set as active map channel in the Unwrap_UVW modifier. You need to press the Reset UVWs button and then to press the Yes button to be able to see the uvs.

 - Vert Stitcher - added Threshold spinner. Verts that are closer  than threshold distance will be stitched, otherwise they will not be  stitched.


New script is added - Copy Edge. It allows you to create a copy of the selected edge(s) and to place it at arbitrary distance away from the selected edge.



miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 is updated to version 3.9.

- Open Edges Extrude script is updated. Added the ability to change the angle of the extruded edges.



miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 version 4.0 is available.

- Vert Stitcher script is updated. When the WELD is ON and the verts from one objects are stitched the script will weld those verts.


miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 version 4.1 is available.


  • New scrpt: Edges Extrude Plus. It allows you to extrude edges in a way that is not possible with the default Extrude tool. You can extrude using Equal Sides or Parallel methods. Watch the video to see what both methods can do.



miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 version 4.2 is available.

New script is added: Easy Move. It allows you to move objects at arbitrary direction at exact distance from the previous position of the objects.



- Smart Sub-Object Selection is updated to version 1.1. Now you can preserve the selected verts, edges, faces and can add new loops and rings to the selection.



miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 version 4.4 is available


- Fixed
    -  In 3ds Max 2017  Align Working Pivot To Sub-Object Selection and Align Working Pivot to 2 points now will change the Reference Coordinate System to its previous values.



miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 version 4.5 are available


Easy Peel script is updated. What is new:

  • RMB+Click on the MARK button will perform Smart Loop and Mark

  • RMB+Ctrl+Click on the MARK button will preform Smart Ring and

  • RMB+Click on the UNMARK button will perform Smart Loop and UnMark

  • RMB+Ctrl+Click on the UNMARK button will preform Smart Ring and UnMark

  • Added Extend to Seams button. How it works:
    1- select an edge
    2- press the button with LMB. The edges of the same loop will be selected between the marked seams.
    3- press with the RMB - limited edge loop will be selected between marked seams.

Ideas of Stephen Sherry.



miauu’s Script Pack vol.2 version 4.7 are available


Open Edges Extrude script is updated. Now it supports Edit Poly modifier.

Video demonstration:



I have a problem with attach and link script.
I forgot what I attached to what.
I deleted some of the objects that were linked, parents or child, I don’t remember.
And now I get tons of script errors messages at every action I take in 3dsmax. It’s unbearable and I don’t want to start this scene over.

Any way to clear all links done with your script?
Thank you.


Hi, Sorry fore the late replay.

What you can do is to load your scene, select all objects, run the Attach&Link script, Go to UNLINK tab and then press the Unlink Position button. Then press the Unlink Rotation button. If you still have problems, please, send me a mail to miau_u@yahoo.com so I can help you witu your scene.