Metamorphic released! (formerly Animated Sculpt) - Check out this amazing tool!!!


In case it slipped your attention:
Any Lightwave user - and maybe even some from other apps - should check out Metamorphic for LW 2018:

It brings animated sculpting and much much more to Layout. Corrective morphs in LW have never ever been that easy.
And its sheer fun!
And IMHO for only US $ 75 its cheaper than should be allowed :wink: Get it while its hot (cheap :wink: )

No, I am not in any way associated with the developer - I am just blown away by the tool and believe he deserves the support!!!


I used to say that to complete Lightwave that you should get the 3rd power Brush plugins and Cage deformer. But I think Metamorphic tool by Jamil can do some of the stuff that cage deformer and Chronsculpt can do but maybe better. I still think Cage deformer is still useful, but if you were on a budget, then the Metamorphic tool is super handy for character animation. You can still fix poke thru with metamorphic but also be able to select the mesh you want to deform in tight spot without effecting nearby points.


I read somewhere that it’s no longer available because the creator is now working full-time for a software company. I don’t know if he’ll be creating updates but I’m lucky to have purchased it while it was available.


FYI Metamorphic is now part of LightWave 2019.


Yeah, isn’t that amazing? Users were wondering what happened to his updates. Now we know NewTek did buy it off him and have claimed to have improved it since then. I also noticed they included a node feature for edges and new Sky and Environmental lighting system.


Well I don’t know that they bought it, they may well have hired him. They’re known for doing that.


Maybe, but I recall someone mentioned he was eventually hired by another company last year. Given his status in the country he couldn’t work part-time (or moonlight) for another company like NewTek. So he either got hired by NewTek after leaving his previous employer or he sold his creation to them. I hope it was a good deal for both sides.