Metal looks plastic. Any tips?


Hello dear people!

I have been struggling lately to make the lip of a can of chocolate to look shiny and realistic in general. You can see the attachment that it doesnt look shiny and rich in reflections, but blurry and full of grey like plastic. Do you have any tips that could produce better results?

Btw I use octane renderer.

P.S. If you have any free texture materials that could work, please let me know.

Thank you so much in advance!



Your attachment is broken; nothing happens when you click it. It’s been a while since I used Octane, but I do know it has a built-in library of materials you can download – why don’t you use one of those? Or just look at the documentation and see how to use the metallic shader?


Sorry probably something went wrong. The materials are from the library, something else needs adjustment :confused:


What is it reflecting? Looks like a flat, dull, grey surface, and that’s what the metal will look like. Try using a more interesting environment.


It is not easy to predict how the reflectivity of metal will work; it takes a little improvisation. It may be better to clean the edges of the can and apply a permanent coalescent paint on top, surface analysis info It might be much more attractive.


As mentioend above Metals need an environment to reflect to get a good result. Try adding a Sky object to your scene and loading a photographic HDRI to it, something with some contrast and color variation. Also, take a look at the Help section and look up Reflectance. Read theough that a bit. the more you undertsand how reflectance works in materials the more power you will have moving forward if you want to edit the shader. Also, try one of the cineveristy metal shaders if you havent to start with.