messiah website Setuptab gone forever now?


Maybe this is really the end of any online support for the pmg messiah animation application? was the last of the go to spots for the dwindling messiah community.

And it also appears that what little was left here at CGTalk has been removed as well.


Yes, unfortunately, the Get on Board, for the Latest, Greatest Messiah and Future Updates and Great New Things to come was a farce, and pretty much a Fraud/Scam.

Almost No One is left to turn out the Lights on the remaining Forum, or otherwise. . . . I have 3 Licenses for Pro in Version 6, but no way to get licensed. . . .


I tried also to revive my license from the dare to share deals but no answer from the forum.
That’s really sad :frowning:


Same for me :cry:


The Germans have the perfect saying over here!

Besser eine schreckliche Ende, als ein schrecken ohne Ende!


Just very sad. This tool has/had so much potential.
Anyways, lets see what else is out there :slight_smile:


For license issues you should try contacting them directly. And to my knowledge it was never done on the forums anyway.

By the way this is not the first time Setup Tab has been down.


No, it is not the first time Setup Tab is gone, but recently it’s owner/creator left Messiah for Good, and will no longer have anything to do with PMG. So, very unlikely that it will ever come back.

Just a shame there was no party for turning out the lights.


Unfortunately the manner in which Wegg and Fori and company abandoned ship was very classless.
Pmg’s last money grab was especially low class.