Messiah crashes trying to open scene


Last night I updated one of my characters with morphblender. I’m using a LW object with endomorphs. There’s four full slider banks of morphs.

Today I tried to open the file to continue to rig and the file will no longer open. It just crashes everytime I try to open the file.

My stomach hurts from this one.

Any ideas?


i think back in the days i remember something like opening the file in wordpad and deleting something. But i cant say for sure


I opened that up too. I can see what some things are but not others. My guess is that I needed to turn off morphblender to get the file open but I wouldn’t know what I was looking at to turn anything off.

I did do some testing tonight. Basically rebuilt the morph part of the rig and did incremental saves all along the way.

The problem seems to arrive when I try and create a new group with the sliders. I have no idea why. That’s was after about 18 incremental saves when I found that one. Very strange.

I still have a few things to rebuild after last night but it’s not crazy amounts.

What I might do just for safety is that every time I shut down a file I’m going to turn morphbuilder off and just turn it on again when I start to animate.


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