messiah 5: basic questions


Hey there, I bought messiah last week and have some very basic questions. For example i often run into the problem that I zoom in with alt + middle mouse click (by accident) and that the focal length of my perspective view seems to change than. How can I undo that?

Another thing is whats the shortcut for moving in perspective view. It seems that all the tutors use the GUI to move around.

Thanks a lot in advance! cheers, philipp


ok, i figured out one thing, I can click reset all views under the customize tab to reset my perspective view. still don’t know how to move around.


The gadgets/icons in the upper right corner of the interface will center, move, rotate, zoom…

also the bracket keys will zoom you in and out…and I believe it’s the arrow key (which seem to do the same thing) may be the ones that can cause the “lens distortion” effect.



hey rick, thanks for the help. I figured out that i can use my maya shortcuts in maya easily to navigate around.

One other question i have is, how can i mirror poses in messiah, lets say mirror a walkcycle pose?


personal belief is that any exact mirror in pose is unnatural…I do mine by eye…much quicker than motion clipping the limb and pasting the clip to opposite limb or such.

5.0 also has Sketch now, so you could easily draw the pose in 10 seconds, and then just match that on the other side of the cycle.

I think there is a way to do it…but I haven’t had the real need for anything like that…may have been something in the Joe Cosman tutorials…but they are so in depth that I can’t recall exactly where it it is.

But I will be making walk cycles, etc., for some characters shortly…and I will set them to be similar, but definitely not mirrored poses. Highs and lows and length of step are certainly something that can’t get far off without causing an affectation, of course.



As far as I’ve figured out, it’s ‘A’ to center your viewport pivot onto an object and then alt+LMB to orbit the object, alt-RMB to roll camera, alt-shift-LMB to zoom in and out, ctrl-alt LMB and RMB to dolly and pan


thanks for the quick answers. I find mirroring poses is a quick way to block out some loopable animation. I found a mirror pose plug in for messiah. just need to get this plug in workin now…



Look at Customize tab, KeyCommandManager, Navigation tab…



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