Messiah 4 documentation


Some more up to date docs! This is a dynamic process guys. I’ll continue to update them as and when I can. The new dynamics are still so fresh from the oven that I haven’t had time to experiment with them properly yet! Once I do I will chuck up some new tutorials about those. At least there’s a propper what’s new list and new tutorials on those things. The other elements are taken from the v2.5 documentation who’s principles still apply. The ‘What’s new’ for v3 is a bit missing but I couldn’t find any list we may have made for that anywhere on my computer!


Thanx! Now we only need a demo :bounce:



Would it be to much of a pain to list what you update? Otherwise, each time we check every folder and topic.



Is the “new” pose system the same as the old pose system
whats the difference?



Looking forward to the hair chapter. And a video :wink:


me too! :buttrock:


Maybe this thread should be a Sticky


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