Mesh subdivision problem



I’d like to see your full interface. For now, can you check if there is another subtool under the one you are subdividing, or if you have Dynamic Subdivision activated?


hi thanx for reply. I am not with my pc right now. But i have file with me in my phone. i have attached gdrive link. I made a base mesh in maya exportd that in zbrush and sculpted. The problem accured when i devide that mesh.




obj file


The link is wants me to request permission to download the file, which is rather inconvenient.


Sorry i dont know other medium for sharing i google drive asks for permission when someone opens it i already have given the same when you clicked. Now u can access. If you know any other medium to share please tell me.


I took a quick look at the ztl file. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what exactly has happened to your mesh. I can say that it seems to have something to do with your polypaint, keeping the polypaint off I was able to go to your highest lvl no problem. Activating polypaint at the highest subdiv or going to highest subdiv with polypaint on caused an immediate crash. Deleting the UV’s didn’t help much but stabilized the lower subdivs a bit. I was unable to clean your polypaint by refilling it with white either. My only thought would be to reproject your detail to a clean mesh with no Uvs or to delete the levels above level 2 or three and delete your uvs and see if that helps.