Mesh Deformer / FFD / Limitations - Suggestion



Anyone that has used the Mesh deformer for character work has probably run up against the limitations. 1. Cancelling out other deformers (FFDs and such). 2. Limitations with Pose Morph - Distorted Poses when the Cage mesh is deformed/rotated on an axis. Like a mouth shape that deforms in world space when the head is rotated.

I would LOVE for Maxon to make the Mesh Deformer Cage act more like an FFD. Or make FFDs able to be a mesh. Perhaps that’s impossible, but with most bendy/blobby characters, the behavior of a mesh-cage FFD would work much better than the Mesh deformer that needs to be initialized to the character.

The mesh deformer could definitely use a facelift. (Pun