Merkvilson... long time now not seen him



A talented C4D guy… long back I saw his small video, he got some accident and he was recovering. Few days online and then again he is silent… I hope everything is fine with him.

Anyone know about him…?
We are missing his input in C4D.



I did a convocation (call) on Twitter a couple of months ago but also nobody really knows. His last post was in august 2020.


On one hand I certainly feel really sorry about whatever incident has happened in his personal life, and I hope he’s still healthy and well. But, of course, you also have to feel for people who preordered plugins, bought v1.0 plugins with the promise of better functionality (me included), or those who have paid into his Patreon and have received very little in return. It’s a sad situation all round.


I used to follow Merk on Twitter and the last I recall he’d had what looked like a potentially life changing accident to his arm or nerve damage.

From my own personal experience of having a significant back injury even when you think you can return to work you simply can’t and weeks and months can disappear very quickly when you’re trying to focus on your recovery. My brain was ready to work very quickly but I couldn’t sit or stand for long periods and had to do an intensive rehabilitation programme just to be able to sit at a computer.

I’d cut the guy as much slack as you can as he may be going through a very challenging time. It’s very concerning he has completely dropped off the radar as the plugins were his full time job this doesn’t sound good at all as you’d expect him to drop a message with an update even if it’s a brief ‘my recovery is still ongoing.’ It’s not that long ago since Samir from DPIT went quiet for a long period of time as he’d suffered a life changing accident.

I hope there’s a good ending to this story.


I have a renewed respect for anyone with any sort of back injury after getting a pinched nerve in mine years back. You can’t do ANYTHING without moving muscles in your back. It was brutal.

Looking forward to Merk popping back up and forging on with his brilliant work. We’ll be there to support him.


Yep, I was pretty unsympathetic before my accident but it took me 6 years to get over my injury so I have some real sympathy for Merk if he’s going through some similar issues with his arm.

After all he had built I cannot for one moment believe he just walked away from it without good reason or for reasons beyond his control.

While not a customer of his it is very clear how popular his plugins are which bring a certain style to the C4D creative mix so I hope he can overcome his current predicament and return to work.


I was under the impression he is heavily involved with redshift development, specifically with Redshift RT (real time). He recently posted updates on Redshift’s Trello road map showing a preview of what RT will look like.


That was Merk? Fantastic if he’s on that gig but I’d sure love to see some new developments in the plugin realm :).


I’m afraid that was Saul Espinosa (aka TheArtofSaul), not merkvilson.

Merk did contribute a fantastic thread of Redshift-Gifs, showing off his genius talent in a really helpful way. But there hasn’t been acivity for a while either… :\

I too wish him the best!


Yes, my apologies, actually it was Saul who I was thinking of. I do remember though the fantastic thread with little gem tips Merk had on the redshift forum. Hope everything is okay with him and sorry again for the confusion.


Seems to be a theme with some brilliant solo devs in 3d and motion graphics. They emerge, light up the sky, and…then…like Bobby Fisher or Kaiser Soze…disappear.

Rock stars that come out of nowhere with massive hits…followed with years of quiet. Cicadas waiting for just the right soil temperature…or something. They do super-human things but then seem assailed by super-human difficulties…or the need for super long reprieves.

I think of the creator of 3dQuakers, who occasionally emerges with something new…or teases something new (Rock Engine) only for it to disappear.

Or Robert Templeton of Kuroyume development.

The original creator of SurfaceSpread is yet another that comes to mind.


The immortal Cactus Dan. The candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long.