Merging paint nodes in Mari


Hi, I’ve been using the nodegraph on my latest project and I was wondering if there is a way to merge 2 paint (or any type of nodes) nodes into 1 paint node. Similar to how merging 2 layers to form a single layer works? This would help tremendously in managing my nodegraph as I wouldn’t have to use as many merge nodes when adding paint non destructively.




Sure there is a few ways. first off you can always use the bake point node to merge pertions of your node chain into a flattened paint node with the option to re bake the texture once you update content above the bake point node


Also you can actually bake a node location to a paint node by choosing in the node graph right click menu EDIT and bake to paint node


Hi, I use bake point extensively but I never knew about the bake to paint node option and is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks for the tip!


There is also another way. bake visible to selected paint node. Its a extension pack node.
I use it to mimic bake point but to a regular paint node so you can apply filters in the end,

happy painting.