Mercedes 170S WIP



I will show the progress of the modeling & render setup of Mercedes 170S automobile. The software used will be Blender / Cycles.

This is my first Blender project, I used the opportunity to test-drive the app pipeline.

Love it so far. Much smoother than any “great 3d package” I worked with (know all but Softimage, RIP).

Car refs:



Some new stuff. Next I will focus on the inside modelling.



I am sending several renderings I made. I am not happy with end results yet. My intention is to have a rendering that a bit resembles old photos and is not too “technical in look”. Could you give me your feedback? Once I have the look dev complete, I will return to finishing the car inside.

Please note some renders are in draft stage.


This is a lovely model, I don’t understand why there are no responses other than this one.

You need to add some grunge maps to the surfaces to make some very subtle adjustments to the reflections. The marks & scratches of use are present even on a new car sitting in the showroom, though they should be very subtle. Tyres are not black, they are mid grey and the tread where it contacts the road is a little lighter still, getting lighter as the car ages. If wet they appear darker grey.

On shiny surfaces make sure your reflections are fresnel reflections with more reflectivity as the surface turns away from the camera and less as it faces the camera.


Hi @FireAngel,

thank you for comments, I really appreciate them! I totally forgot about the wear maps; tires color - did not notice.

I am a totally busy man, I have updated the model with new background a long while ago, but still am not happy about it (yet). The greatest challenge for me in this project is not the car, but the background - I want it to be both kind of universal, not too much detailed (car is the pivotal thing), but not flat, like above. It should remind of the old times/photographs.

Here’s the latest image. I will implement your remarks soon, hopefully. When I have time I will also make other shots/BGs (the inside is totally modelled, would be a waste not to show it).