Menu Font Size and Icons Too Small -Win10


For no apparent reason, after Engineering installed a plugin for C4D, when I open the program it changes resolution and everything in it is microscopic. The rest of the computer is unaffected.
Any tips on how to make things look as before in C4D?


As an example this is how small the C4D menus and icons have become in comparison to AE.


looks like a windows scaling issue.

if you haven’t tried rebooting yet. you can always adjust the text size in preferences “ctrl+e” use the little black arrow next to font selection.


Perhaps a Windows 10 / 4K monitor issue?


Did you ever find a solution to this? Similar thing happened to me after trying to use a 4K monitor as display for a laptop.

My menu is so small I can’t even click on anything. Trying to figure out what to do it’s driving me crazy.


I have had the same problem in 3 different machines, with R21 and S22.
Cinema 4D window has a different resolution, higher than it should be.

I’ve been in contact with Maxon, and after months investigating my problem they said there is no other similar case reported, so, that should be a problem with other software/ driver in my machine.

Strangely I can see in this forum 2 people with exactly the same issue.

Maxon was just useless.

Anyone got a solution?


What resolution monitor?
How large physically is the monitor
What is windows scaling set to?