Mental Ray - Shaders


Thanks Guilo! I started playing with the Wom_Archlight and it looks really promising. Better, in fact than the physical_light I was looking for (and finally found under the physics.mi file).

Did you get this working inside 3ds max. If yes how…i tried removing # tag from the physics.mi file and it screwed my 3ds max…what exactly do i need to access this shader…!!!


I never got the WOM_Archlight fully working and I didn’t put much effort into the physical_light because it does not offer enough features. If your goal is to limit shadow rays (which was my goal) you can use the far attenuation control.


You can check this out…there’s a demoscene for you to disect and see if it works for you.

I’m trying to create a digital city and looking for a substitute for inbuilt arch n design self illumination property for my windows as it doesnt give me shadows and very expensive on my cpu (needs a lot of fg bounces).

Do you guys know of any other good cheat to achieve this? I’ve found this one and working on it…



Thorsten got the object shader working which is a different component of the WOM_Archlight and not the one I was interested in.


I would like to colorize hair strands within the p_hairTK shader. Therefor I plugged a noise map into the “Diffuse Root” and “Diffuse Tip” slots of the shader, but unfortunately it doesn´t seem to take the UV-coordinates of the 3ds max shader into account.
Then I tried to use a “texture lookup” shader with a “texture vector” to control the UV-coordinates. There are different effects with different settings in the “texture vector” shader, but I couldn`t get it to work properly, so that the hairs have the color of the noise map from root to tip. Can anybody give me a clue how or if it is possible to acheive this?

Edit: I´ve tried this with the ornatrix demo and it works. So, it seems to be an issue with the MR shader implementation of the Fur and Hair modifier in 3ds max.


Hi Freinds…
So this is where i’ve reached with my lighting a night city shot…i’m looking for opinions on how to make it more realistic…right now this looks very cg…
I’m working on road and building textures…vegetation but i need inputs on lighting…and how to save render times…
I’m using mentalray …most of the lighting is achieved with self illuminated cards which are not visible to camera…i’m avoiding physical lights to save on rendering times…
posting low res renders…Pls do share what do you guys feel…


Hi All…
Does max have physical light shader for lights as maya has? I thought it was hidden and looking for it in base_max.mi file but could not find it?


seems like everyone has shifted to vray…:surprised


Not me…I`m still using Mental Ray but those who are using it are very rare today… :frowning:


i was watching some new features in vray and started to figure out why and what’s happening…let’s see what 3ds max 2015 brings in for mental ray!!